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Ssrc summer classic meeting for vintage slot cars

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Hi all ,entrys are invited for the Southend slot racing club summer classic meeting for vintage slot cars .which is on Sunday the 21 July , classes are 1/32 1/24 sports and gt cars up to the end of 72 ,all mechanical and chassis parts must be 72 or before ,bodies period vac forms or repops of the same ,original hard bodies or model kit conversions are fine so same rules as this years double trouble,so if you have raced there your cars will be fine,cost is £5 per class there will be trophies for top 3 in racing and concourse final decision on race format will depend on entry numbers if you have any questions please message me thanks hope to see some of you there cheers alan
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I only came alomng to watch the 1/24 th class and ended up staying all day. Great racing by all and some pretty fantastic cars to boot. Well done everybody!!! Mega nostalgia.

Really enjoyed the meeting today chaps. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Some great racing and a very close finish in the 1/24. Brilliant. Thanks to Graham for doing the race results and to Alan for letting me the use of his throttle and 1/32 Ferrari GTO and Tony for his Matich 1/24 after my own Ferrari packed up into its second race.

Graham, best you get working on a 17 and 18 driver rotation
in case the meeting gets even more popular

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Thanks for a fun day guy's, I won't wait another 3 years before I race again. I was almost getting some control over my cars by the end of the day


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Great day - the best Summer Classic since I started racing again. Thanks to Alan for organising the meeting and to Graham for unravelling the mysteries of our new software.

Thanks to everyone who attended particularly those from other clubs who made the effort to come along. Hope to see you all and possibly one or two more next year.
Hi all here are the results from Sunday's summer classic
Concourse 1/32
1 Pete Shepard
2 Joel thura
3steve Carter
4 Phil Smith
5 vic bettle
Joint 6
Lee welch
Mick reader
8 Barry boor
9 Alan Shawe
10 Chris pomeroy
11 John roach
Joint 12
Tony Avis
Johnathan newns
14 mike newns

1/24 concourse
1 Joel thurs
2 Alan Shawe
Joint 3
Steve Carter
Pete Shepard
5 lee welch
6 mick reader
7 Phil Smith
8 Barry boor
9 John roach
10 Johnathon newns
11 mike newns
12 Tony Avis
13 Chris pomeroy
14 vic bettle
Racing results
1 Steve Carter 70.35 laps
2joel thura 68.00
3 Alan Shawe 67.12
4 Pete Shepard 62.03
5 vic bettle 61.16
6 Chris pomeroy 59.00
7 lee welch 58.35
8 Barry boor 58.17
9 mike reader 56.16
10 Tony Avis 56.11
11 mark Nicholson 55.22
12 Dave 54.06
13 John roach 52.34
14 Johnathon newns 52.04
15 Phil Smith
16 mike newns 45.22
1/24 race results
1 Alan Shawe 73.28
2 Joel thura 73.12
3steve Carter 72.24
4 Tony Avis 70.25
5 mick reader 66.33
6 Barry boor 66.10
7 Pete Shepard 65 15
8 Dave 64.14
9 lee welch 62.33
10 mark Nicholson 62.02
11 Chris pomeroy 61.21
12 vic bettle 61.00
13 Phil Smith 60.02
14 John roach 59.02
15 Johnathon newns 56.17
16 mike newns 49.21
Thanks again to everyone who attended as you can see there were some close battles all the way through the scores.
Hope to see you all and perhaps some new faces next year cheers alan
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Going to attempt to post pictures so if this doesn't work apologies
Not sure why but instead of one image it's slink to all my Photobucket pics but the images of Sundays event are 1 through 15 cheers Alan
Also if any of our members fell a bit nostalgic there are some pics of the ninco track we used to have and the four camper vans with trailers I made for one of our special nights feel a bit older seeing those though
Here are a few of Chris Pomeroy's pictures of the prize giving at the Summer Classic.

Jeans Trousers Window Shorts Leisure

Steve Carter

Hand Smile Arm Muscle Window

Alan Shawe

Smile Shoulder Eyewear Gesture Engineering

Joel Thura

Glasses Arm Smile Window Vision care

Pete Shepherd



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Some of Alan's photos from his photobucket host.

Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Light Wheel

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Toy

Car Wheel Motor vehicle Table Automotive design

Wheel Toy Car Vehicle Red



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Hi David,

Many thanks for posting Chris's pictures. As I said in my previous posting, there were some fantastic cars. Surprise of all was Steve's 1/24th Ford P68. I can't even remember seeing one of these back in the 70's.

Top quality cars and top quality racing.

Thanks to everyone for a great day.

Thanks David I could not work out how to do the pics so they just appear like that cheers alan
Thanks SSRC and Alan for a good days racing, good to be 4th best in 1/32 racing, still a lot to do to catch the top 3!

Thanks everyone for an very good natured and fun day's racing. Looking forward to next time.

Jonathon and Mike
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