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Peter Rondel
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I've had my first track of that brand. Stabo had some awesome cars with steering front wheels a porsche 908 a maserati Ghibli (I think) and mercedes coupes, nice ferraris and some very nice F1's (Mclaren and BMW Cooper I really cant tell) On you sometimes see these gray track sets with cars as dachbodenfund (or in real german
it means found in the attic).
Nice big 1/32 sometimes bigger looking cars. THe trucks was a complete different line of cars. dunno much about that.
Of course its all a trip down memory lane but I like those oldskool F1's together with that other brand (fleishmann) very much.

herpa is a brand used in railroads alot, smaller scale but they probably made a little sidestepp towards 1/32 just to please the fans

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Hola Manito,

perhaps due to ignorance, the German slot is undervalued. The truth is that there are wonderful things from brands such as Faller, Märklin, Fleischmann, Carrera and Stabo as greatest example is this truck.

In your post you ask, what´s says in the instruction manuals ... well, talk it about the role of the container, it can be modified to dump action is performed to the left or right.

In any case the star of the trucks is the truck with crane function, for me among the best artifacts slot in history, something really amazing.

As for the brand Herpa here is making product distributor Stabo slot (also other brands ...) for this case is not the manufacturer.


Hello FZSsemans,

there´s 5 GT 1.32 of Stabo car, they are :

Jaguar E
Mercedes 230/250/280 SL
Porsche 904 GTS
Ferrari superfast
Maserati Mistral

but Stabo car also came to market in Central Europe others GP, 1:24 Tamiya and others Polistil under Stabo branded.

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Interesting to see more on Stabos, Ron. I have just one, the Porsche 904. I've shown it on SF before, but here it is again.
Not exactly sophisticated, but strongly built. The bodies were quite good, though 904s aren't my thing and I've never done anything with this one.
The guide slides out for sitting in a display cabinet.
I forget the origins of the slightly unusual motor.
Rob J

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