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I have seen articles , posts on slot car liveries which over the year you could have, laid end to end to John O Groats and back, there is something wrong with every damn slot car it would seem, the list is endless.
The drivers to small , no he's not he's to B big, windscreens wrong, the body shape is not quite right at the front , no it,s wrong at the rear, it,s to short , nope it,s to long , to wide , to low, the vents are wrong , the headlights are wrong , what headlights i ain't got any, well if you look at so and so it should have , oh bugger.
The wheels are to small, to wide, to big , to narrow , the dia of the tyres are wrong to small, to big , the wheelarches are to big , or to small , not quite in the right place .
Wrong decals, to small numbers to big roundels, the body colour is not right , to red to blue wrong shade of colour , your Ferrari has the wrong shade of red , no it hasn't it,s a so and so yes it has look at a pictured from some odd race, stripes wrong colour to wide , to narrow, didn't have stripes e.t.c e.t.c and the list goes on.
Now i buy a slot car because i quite like it , quite often don't realise it comes in the above catagory, of complaints , until i read all the problems , then i look at the car and think what a load of B-----s it looks right to me i like the colour i've paid me dosh out and will enjoy my car even with all the things that seem wrong with it.
I build a number of white kits as i'm B----d of with the endless miserable news, idiot Boris and all the prat's we have on it, i paint horror of horror's fantasy liveries why because i like to, makes my model a one of and quite proud of the finished result, i modify them out of all recorgnision to the original but why , because i like to .
So ladies , gentleman, oops PC , naughty naughty Keith have to rephrase so various persons of various ilks , buy your car enjoy it and don't worry if you have a rivet missing it does not affect the handling.

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