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Alan Tadd
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I re-read Swiss's excellent article in the Resources section of this Forum the other day on building the MRRC Porsche kit, and decided to get a kit and build my own. (Ferrari 64 GTO).

The chassis kit is superb and very straight forward to build, even for a "Doh!" like me.

The thought struck me that these chassis would make an excellent basis for a Slotforum Proxy race. Now don't get me wrong the current Proxy races are great and I would like to take part in a series one day. However my chassis building abilities do leave a great deal to be desired and there is no way I could currently compete with the likes of Russell's superb work, and I am sure there are many others who are in the same position.

These chassis kits are available for round about the £21 mark, (sans motor), with bodies being avilable for around the £10 mark. If you include a motor from the MRRC range, say a mid point Turbo fire, you have an all in cost of approx £38.

The chassis and bodies are once again readily available (thanks MRRC) again from your favorite stockists.

I suggest a provisional specification to ensure standard racing would be :-

MRRC Standard Clubman chassis, including wheels and tyres.

MRRC Turbo fire motor.

Any plastic or resin body for closed GT cars up to 1966.

Standard MRRC magnet in rearmost position with no spacers, or if magnet free racing was chosen for the series the standard MRRC Handling pack with standard weights only.

I consider anyone on this Forum is capable of building a car to this standard.

Now, the important question is how do people feel about this?, are there Clubs out there how would be willing to hold a round?, I can think of obvious sponsors but are there others willing to help out?.

It would be great if this was run under the Slotforum banner, with perhaps donations being made to some charitable organisation.

Also how about SCI?, we could start a "Ryder Cup" of slot racing!.

Your views on this topic would be much appreciated.




Graham Windle
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Beejay theres nothing to stop you entering a kit based car in the world proxy this year.Rhys Filbee entered a parma chassised car last year ,and my own clk which won at Slot-tech was based on a parma chassis ,The tsrf and slot it kits ate very competitive and easy to use ,I will be publishing some picture of one of my chassis that I will be using this year which uses slot it chassis parts and is very easy to replicate .take a look at my web site and the uk proxy site for some ideas
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