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Standard controlers caibration

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I am about to go through all of my controllers in order to make them as good as they
can be, for this i would like to know the resistance when the controller is on min, and max
so that i can fidle with the controller without having the powerbase and computer setup.

Does anyone have this information?

I run the old Powerbase with Simple H and Pro.
desperately hoping that some of you wizards can make the wireless controller thing work ;-)

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Adrian.

But I am blessed with some very bad controlers and wanted to
Physicaly tvist and turn the actual slider in order to have
Maximum spand between max and min, so I was looking
For how many Ohm resistand there should be...
Hey thanks, now I just have to get to work!

Looking forward to try the software!

Best Peter
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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