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The first round of the Standard Sports/GT class was run this evening and produced the following results: -

1 Alan - 25pts
2 Jim - 23pts + fastest lap (9.209s)
3 Andy - 21pts
4 Alex - 20pts
5 Ken - 19pts (after a most sporting gesture)
6 Roger - 18pts
7 Mark - 17pts
8 Grant - 16pts (well done young man)
9 Richard H - 15pts
10 James T - 14pts
11 Viv - 13pts
12 Shaun - 12pts (after a very good drive up through the field)
13 Lauren - 11pts
14 James H - 10pts
15 Roy - 9pts
16 Alf - 8pts (?)
17 Mike - 7pts (those concrete tyres are not working!)

Next week Nascar.

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Bl**dy hell, last place and 7pts!! Just about sums up the day i have had.
Still, i can look forward to building yet another new track again this year too, and no one, yet no one will be allowed to practise on it other than me, so there !!

Once i have got in some quick times i may let you all play on my track if you agree to let me win.

Anyway, well done to Alan and Jim tonight some good close races.
One day i will be as good as you guys. I can only live in hope. Mike

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Well done to Alan & Jim in the final and a big thankyou to Ken for letting me finish first in the B final after unintentionally knocking me off while battling for the lead, it has gone some way to restore my enthusiasm for the hobby.
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