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A new and welcome feature of our new premises was revealed last night when Mike opened the large doors which kept the temperature very pleasant. It was great to see excellent drives from Viv and Alf which would have been rewarded better had it not been for an attack of nerves whilst in race-winning positions - don't worry guys, we've all been there! The most popular heat-win of the evening came from Roy.

The results were:

01 - Jim - 25 pts + 1 pt for fastest lap at 7.165s
02 - Alan - 23 pts
03 - Roger - 21 pts
04 - Alex - 20 pts
05 - Richard - 19 pts
06 - Viv - 18 pts (nice one Viv)
07 - Mike - 17 pts
08 - Alf - 16 pts
09 - James H - 15 pts (having struggled with car problems all evening)
10 - Oli - 14 pts
11 - Roy - 13 pts
12 - Grant - 12 pts
13 - James T - 11 pts
14 - Keith - 10 pts

Nest week: -
Tuesday 5th - practice evening
Wednesday 6th - Nascar

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Another good nights racing last night with Jim setting the fastest lap times on all four lanes - well done to him.

Another feature of the new club is that Averil now has her own kitchen cooking bacon rolls and burgers which have gone down well with members returning for seconds. Not sure their wives are aware of this but it certainly helps when drivers come straight from work and 'wifey' hasn't got to cook them their evening meal.

The track has rubbered in well and drivers are starting to master the new circuit. As Alan said Alf and Viv are both driving very well and there isn't much between them when they are up against one another.

It was good to see Roger in the A final and having collapsed with exhaustion on the rostrum at the end of the 'B' i wondered if he would be fit to drive in the A final.

See you all next week.


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Hi Mike,

What are your rules for your standard GT class - I'd just like to know roughly what you run no need to go into mega detail, this is because we are looking at what classes to run on plastic chassis nights at Ipswich.


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Hi Julian. This is a very popular class at Presto. The rules are simple.

Any box standard Sports/Gt from any era. *

Only items that can be changed are the rear tyres and braids. Tyres can be glued and trued etc.

Most people run Scalex and Fly cars out of the box.

* NSR, Slot it, Ninco and such like are not eligible for this class.

Hope this helps. Mike
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