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Last night's Standard Sports/GT racing saw some close racing with a single "off" being the deciding factor in several of the heats and finals. The continuing good performances by Oli and Viv are now becoming a threat to the top of the leaderboards. Interestingly, the fast and flowing nature of our new track seems to have turned the tables on the Fly Madness cars with the Scalextric/SCX cars now more than match for the greater torque of the Fly cars.

The results were: -

1 - Alan - 25 pts
2 - Jim - 23 pts + 1pt (fastest lap - 7.138s)
3 - Alex - 21 pts
4 - Roger - 20 pts
5 - Viv - 19 pts
6 - Peter - 18 pts
7 - Oli - 17 pts
8 - Mike - 16 pts
9 - Alf - 15 pts
10 - Jordan - 14 pts
11 - Keith - 13 pts
12 - James H - 12 pts
13 - Roy - 11 pts

Next week: Nascar

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Well done Alan, a great A final drive.
Well done to Jim also who found himself 4th in the A final but pulled himself back to 2nd and finished only a few feet away from Alan.

Attendance was down a bit last night as it was the night before school restarts today.

Also missing was James T and his Dad Richard who is out of action due to breaking his leg at a Kart race - hope to see you guys back soon.

Looking forward to NASCAR next week, hope to see you all then. Mike

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OH NO! Does zis mean I have foiled my own master plan to dominate Standard Sports GT viz zee Fly Madness?!!!!

Oh well, back to the drawing board - my Fly Madness Doran was fast on the straights, just couldn't make it's mind up which corners it wanted to go round.
I'll take it as a challenge to make it go better next time - or at least before the end of the year

Well done Alan, a fine drive and keeping your cool despite a 'looming' Jim.

Well done Keith.
Your drive for at least the first half of the D final was the best I've seen you drive. You certainly gave Alf a run for his money for a while.

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Thanks to all the experienced guys at Presto who have helped me get where I am today.
Thanks Peter for your comments last night and in your blog today its greatly appreciated.
As you know I am disabled and with a disabled wife as well I enjoy the R and R I nget at Presto.
As I have always said I don't care where I finish it's the taking part and the friendship of a great club
that matter to me more than winning although it would be nice occasionally.
Last night I managed finally to get under 8 secomds

See you all in a fortnight having a few days away
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