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Starsky and Hutch

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I'm not even posting this in News. It will be interesting to see if Scalextric update their box illustrated in the 2004 catalogue featuring the original pair.
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QUOTE (Intergrali @ 2 Feb 2004, 06:35 PM)I WIN!


click to see red with white stripe..

well you asked for it!

are you guys members of a cotina car club?
i was once a member from '92 to '95 .how do i post my photos here?
i used to have afew of them mkIII,mkIV,thats TE and TF respectively here in Australia.also had an Escort Brenda mkII ,a mexico mk II and the last one was called ESCORT TARMAC.
the escorts were way back in '70s ,the corty's in 90s .although i had the escorts in another country they were beautiful to have and drive.
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