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Yowza! that Chris' home track in the picture? It's nice to see that he has brought his immense static modelling skills to 1/32nd scale slot cars. He is also one of the toughest and coolest competitors I've met during race night at Ernie Mossetti's. BTW, does he still work in the toy biz?

Bob S

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QUOTE I'd love to see more pictures of the track, if possible, Al.
Yes,next time I go over,I will take some pics of the track.Unfortunately,my camera only has a very small memory card in it,or I would have taken more pics.

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Hello Gents!! I thank you all for the kind words regarding the pics. of a few of my cars.

This is my first post, so I also should introduce myself...............I have had a passion for slotcars for many years (my first set was a VIP....I still have the cars and they still run beautifully), I have worked at several "commercial" tracks, and have built/raced everything from vibrator HO cars to "Pro" US wing car racing.........I believe I have crossed paths with many of you.......I remember Fergy from Mort's basement and O'Connor.....and several of you from the last 15 years of raceworld, etc. etc.

Anyway, I am delighted that you appreciate my little cars, and if any of you are ever in the Toronto area, I would be more than happy to have you drop by.

Chris Walker

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Chris, welcome to SF! Great cars!
I must confess (with a sheepish look) that your name sounds familiar but I can't picture you.... if you were around back in the O'Connor days then you aren't all that young so perhaps you can forgive me!
Age is a terrible thing... thankfully, only my memory and closeup eyesight is fading!

Anyway.... great to see another Canuck on board!

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Welcome on board, Chris! From wing-cars to beautiful scale F1 cars.... that's quite a transformation! They've no doubt got Mossetti chassis under them!

We would love to see more pictures of your cars, Chris! And hear more about your racing in earlier days, please!

Kind regards,

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