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Steve's basement about 2015

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a friend recently sent me these images and I hope I can drop them in here. Let's see:

Put together a ping-pong table, two old dining tables, two 6 ft. folding tables and an old door, and I kind of went crazy with all the track I had accumulated. In the foreground was the Monogram, longest circuit of the four on this table, with an elongated "8" from Varney within. Next longest was the Strombecker, seen about mid-table with the yellow fencing. It extends to the very far end and has the most elevation changes. Barely visible at the rear is Eldon, white fencing, squeezed in among the Strommie and far Monogram "buttonhook" curve. Gave some thought to the driving stations, so that eight people at once could be driving with elbow-room, although I can't recall that happening. If this works, I'll post my longtime Revell track situated in the far corner.
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OK, here's the pic of me and three longtime club friends with the Revell layout I built in 1987. This one remains folded up in my new garage since our move in 2018, it's future uncertain:

You can see a bit of the other four tracks in the background. Of course, all track back in boxes now and stowed away at new house. Workbench and display pegboard also in this basement, but all was not perfect: uninsulated, quite cold in the winter, and had to share space with laundry and all other household paraphernalia.

Don, feel free to re-size these to better get "the picture"

just saw the links won't work, as they are in my gmail account!
deleted the links; if anyone has a hint as to how to insert them??
The images need to be saved to the devise you are using, then click on the More Reply Options button and then Choose File. You can then select the file you want from your devise. Next click Attach This File then place the cursor where you want the picture in your post and select Add to Post. if you are using a mobile devise I think you need to select Full version to get to the full editor. If you have uploaded any pictures you don't want in the post delete them before posting or they will appear at the bottom of the post
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OK, thanks Keith; got this one anyway on the old Mac dinosaur!


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. . . and the Revell. Whew! I think I need more coffee


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Thanks Keith.

That's a very neat setup Steve, don't think I've ever seen one like that! Must be a little confusing for the marshalls, unless you run crash & burn and crash & burn and .... etc. etc.

Any idea why your friend preferred this type of setup, as opposed to, say, just one long Revell track, maybe 4 lanes?

Does he run the Varney with the slot-lock feature?

In any case, thanks much for the photos.

actually Don, these were all my tracks a few years ago; my friend just took the pics! Maybe I wasn't clear. I've never really been set up for proper racing, all the tracks were used for "fun runs". When I built the Revell setup in 1987, the odds for me finding all the specialty pieces/curves needed for 4 lane were basically nil. But I had my track and a very old friend's track from our youth, which you see here mounted down. I could tear it up and start over, but. . .

I rarely used the Varney, it was so incompatible with most cars, even their own (!) with the "universal" guide installed. Two good features of it were the extra wide aprons (no extra pieces needed) and the well designed fence rails. Everything else?? Well. . .
Guess we had a "failure to communicate" Steve, but now I understand. Thanks for the explanations.

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