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Located in the mountains above Los Gatos, CA. We run the following platforms on two routed tracks, twice monthly. All skill levels welcome.

  • OS3 TFX (Nearly stock and modified classes)
  • Jag Hobbies TR-3, NC-2, PR-5 (BOX-STOCK HOPRA Rules)
  • Viper V-SPEC L4 (HOPRA SPEC RACER Rules)
  • Viper-Jet L4 (HOPRA SPEC-JET Rules)
  • Lots of IROC
  • All kinds of vintage classes, MegaG, Tyco 440-X2 (narrow/wide), T-Jet
For more information and club membership, please visit our website.

Viper 4-Lane Roval
Wood Automotive design Floor Flooring Gas

Bowman 6-Lane Roval
Wood Urban design Floor Flooring Art
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