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Sticking Gears

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I was trying to run a couple of my old porsche cars (the silver and gold ones from the old LeMans set) on a classic track I set up.

The gold car still runs fine (after cleaning/oiling) but the silver car is having trouble with the rear wheels sticking.

I opened up the car and took the rear wheels out to check the motor ran ok, which it does. It seems to be a problem between the gears that sticks.

I cleaned the teeth of both gears and they look to be in good condition. I tried the small gear at various points along the motor spindle to see how it meshed with the large gear and it appeared no different than on my other cars.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

I was wondering if the back axle has become slightly bent, but I've not checked for that yet. I was also going to try the back axle/gears from the gold car to check that too.

Other suggestions welcome
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I've had problems with the pinion gear on some of my older Scaley cars - they had a tendency to split causing erratic running. Or, in some cases no running!

I know you've checked the gears but it might be worth one more look.
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