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I am looking for some help so I can help someone sell this track. I bought some cars from her that were posted on Market Place and I went to pick them up as I am semi local to her. When I got there she told me the story of how her 81 year old husband had passed away 3 years ago and these were his cars. She said that he had a track that she needs to sell as well, but she has no idea what it is worth.

As a wood track guy I have no idea either, but she was super nice to deal with and I would like to help her out. Do any of you have some idea of what she should ask for this track?

Thanks in advance.

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If I’m not wrong, that’s a lot of Scx (Spanish) classic track with some Scalextric (UK) sections, track alone (without table)must be around 3-5 USD each track section, with standard (R2) corners being the cheapest and R1,R3,R4 the more expensive ones, also special tracks like Crossover, Corner Crossover, Chicane, Snow Curve, Lemans Pitlane, etc have more value.
Borders most be around 1USD each and same for guardrails . Of course an offer buying the whole track as it is could be bigger/smaller, depending on the buyers interests.
It’s an old track but seems in good shape and there are lots of people out there that have a great love and loyalty for the brand, even knowing that nowdays there are better options, I think the best is to sell the whole track as it is(with or without table) , cause otherwise she will end up with lots of R2 curves, another option is to sell no less than two R2 curves with another track section to ensure that the R2 curves are gone.
In my personal experience R1 and R4 corners and their respective borders are highly apreciated, as well as the Lemans pitlane and the Chicane with tires.

Hope this helps and congrats on the uninterested help you give to the lady of a former colleague(RIP)👍🏼
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