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Stirling Moss - Monaco 1960

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Dear slotracing-friends,

here is my Lotus 18, the 1960 Monaco-winning car of Stirling Moss. body by Penelope Pitlane, chassis Sm1S by PP., too.

It is race-ready, only the tires have yet to be prepared. (Sorry, I was to unpatient, wanted to show you the car...)

I hope, you like it...

VBR, Taffy
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This is one of my favourite cars in one of the greatest F1 races of all time IMHO. You have done a nice job and I like the details you have added especially those I missed in my build such as the bungee cords across the back and the fuel line from the seat tank. I have a photo which shows the positioning of the rear number and one other thing. You have used the Lotus 'queerbox' white metal casting and it should be the Colotti square(ish) white metal casting. This came about I believe because Moss was BP sponsored and Chapman Esso. See here

I was going to scan a pic from the Moss book (am I a fan -you bet) but didn't want to infringe copyright. Since building this several years ago I have wanted to do another using the bodywork but with a proper metal spaceframe and a small form motor so that a full driver figure could go in as well as bags more detail but I just got a new job so I won't have the time.

Hope that helps

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