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So here's how I finally got my first table slot car track, a 30 year dream!
Took me about 2 years on and off making the attic more liveable.
We had loads of junk to move first, most got piled up on the other side. One excuse for a large table, is the junk can still be stored neatly underneath
You can see in one photo I kept my promise.
The nice part was that many new built houses here have fully open built attics, timber done on site for proper storage space, stairway included, and at a sensible price.
Shame they didnt build my house in the UK that way, then I wouldnt have had to wait this long.

This room will also have a small TV and Computer viewing area near the entrance, I built a cubby hole out and above the stairs to house the TV, saving more space for track

My oldest Son doing some testing
As I mentioned before I got a few Carrera F1 sets cheap in the UK, and Im using some banking from a good priced pro-x set, not sure about using the digital bits yet, the cars ran oddly, needs more investigation.

The long straight below was planned right back when I started working on the room (12 sections, 15ft)
My 3 year old is as good as gold and eases off nice and early, unlike his Mum who "thought it would just go round there"

After several hours on track planner, and 3 test tracks later, the centre section gradually filled up, its now busy and feels good to open the cars up around the banking and down the straight.
No problems with the banking at all, it came from a new Pro-X set and seems to be a tighter fit than the older pieces, they open up quite badly in places, cant wait to get it all clipped togther properly.

I might add some grass mat, but the track is not as noisy as I expected, considering the plastic is very tinny.
The green particle board looks quite good for now.

Next step is to continue testing the layout and fine tune the table adding small areas of boarding where needed, tidy up the edges, and look at making the layout more permanent, and maybe with some shoulders, perhaps for 1/24 cars.
We will eventually add scenery as the kids get older, we will probably have to make do with the odd Teletubby and Barbie wandering onto the circuit this year

You can see we are beginners, as most of our cars are set cars bought cheap off ebay, my Porsche 911 and Brothers Mk1 Escort from the late 70s are sadly only there for show.

I'll be checking the forums for tips as we get more into it.
Comments welcome in the meantime

Peter Christie
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Busy infield, then the long drag into the 'mountain' section??? great scenic potential

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Very, very nice job on the layout and the attic! Between the esses, the banking, and the very long straight I don't think there is much else you could want in a track.

I can remember playing with slot cars with my dad 40 years ago, and he is still the guy I race with the most. Hope you and your family have lots of fun together!

Circuit TrustChrist

Peter Rondel
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It sure does look great! very technical in the middle and than building up speed in the outside turns , banked curves and up to the straight!! GAAAAAS!!!
But, there is always a little but ............I would not leave the 1st banked curve there. a normal radius 1 or 2 gives more opportunities to enter the crossing just befor it with more increasing speed. Now the cars will deslot more easily overthere coz there is a little inclination allready overthere. (have tried it at home on my own track, when I let go of the banked curves, deslotting was brought back to a minimum).

But very nice either way. An attic just for racing............I wish
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