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Hi ,
I noticed that the pointy bit on my straight lane changers have suffered a bit of damage, and were making a noise as cars crossed.

I have only used new Scalextric Digital cars on the X/over so I was a bit puzzled as to what caused it.

I have had a look on the forum, and seen a mod that involves cutting away the point a bit, i was not too keen on that. so I had a close inspection and it seems to me as if there is a bit missing form the moulding.

I cleaned up the damage to the point, and have used plasticard to replace the " misssing " bit, and now it works fine, and is quiet with no further damage that i can see at the moment.

I have added some pics for you to see the red line is a bevelled edge so the cars don't hit it. It is glued in place with Super glue and has not come off in many many laps.

Basically the white bits of plasticard deflect the guide over a bit, away from hitting the point, like a ramp. The slot is overly wide at this point, so there is plenty of room

I thought it may be of some interest
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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