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Straightening a Plastic chassis

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I stripped my Corvette down today and have found that there is a definite kink in the rear of the chassis. On a tech block the right hand rear is 2mm off while the left is flat on the block. On the slot.It site they tell you how to straighten one of their chassis's. Put the chassis on a flat steel block and hold it down with neo magnets, next pour boiling water on it until covered and leave to cool down. Does anyone know if you can do this to an NSR chassis
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We used to test plastics additives where I worked, so we had an injection moulding machine. After the melted plastic is injected into the mould the mould opens up and little pins push out the hot part. If the part is too hot when it is ejected it can cool too quickly and may not only warp but it will also have stresses that will cause warping later on. If you have to heat up a chassis you should try to cool it slowly to avoid stresses.
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