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Straker Squire

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I hope this link Works.

Many thanks to the guys who made suggestions when my first masking attempt went so wrong.
Yes this is not perfect but its much better than it was and there are probably some issues with the shape of my shell as well.

I do not recomend this. I used 3mm masking tape as it seemed better than the 4mm i had before. I sprayed the shell all white thinking the black paint would cover better but might have been better doing it the other way around because I had to keep telling myself I was masking off the white lines not the black and your dealing with a negative of the original.

Also this is a Dazzel pattern and thats exactly what it does my eyes hurt but i must away to paint in repairs and neaten up by hand before working on a chassis
Cheers Dave
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sorry dave, i dont like the paint scheme. it reminds me of cascais in portugul. they,ve laid the street tiles in that wavy pattern, it makes you feel drunk just looking at it, letalone navigateing it after a skinfull of beer. i know it will turn out brilliantly as useual. john
i really admire you guys that go to the time and trouble and research to build an accurate scale model. i just butcher most cars[neatly] mostly old F1,s, if a wing or nose doesn,t look right to me i just buid new ones to what i fancy. i,ve even changed an airfix kit of an mg magnet or suchlike[i,ve forgotten what model it was] but the rear[rumble] seat was plasticarded over and a spare wheel put on top, its got a bently blower on the side and 4 ally exhausts each side, teminating in fishtail silencers , dropped into the weeds on a 1,5 brass chassis with a loose pod holding a cheata motor. i t really shifts and holds the track good and its not as bad as it sounds. just like a garden shed build. even new cars dont escape. i, ve just put narrow group 5 type wing on a porsche fly gti evo. it completely changes the appearance and i,m happy with it. john
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