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Straker Squire

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I hope this link Works.

Many thanks to the guys who made suggestions when my first masking attempt went so wrong.
Yes this is not perfect but its much better than it was and there are probably some issues with the shape of my shell as well.

I do not recomend this. I used 3mm masking tape as it seemed better than the 4mm i had before. I sprayed the shell all white thinking the black paint would cover better but might have been better doing it the other way around because I had to keep telling myself I was masking off the white lines not the black and your dealing with a negative of the original.

Also this is a Dazzel pattern and thats exactly what it does my eyes hurt but i must away to paint in repairs and neaten up by hand before working on a chassis
Cheers Dave
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Hi Nick
I have talked to dave sykes about this car just recently ,and my memory of it when it raced at silverstone in the 80s driven by adrian liddel was that it originally had conventional body work ,and a little later with the zig zag stripey stramline from the 20s
My memory also tells me that it had a red roundel on the tail of the car
when i reseached this i found out that the reason for this was that the colorscheme was instigated by the bentley boy ,bertie kensington moir who had it painted to match a set of socks given to him by a girlfriend
interestingly enough ,bertie K m,s brother in law ,mr kennedy produced the cars and track for the tim birkin race game that was the worlds first ever commercial model car raceway .
Hows that for a coincidence !

Cheers tony
Thank You Nick, Fantastic information. I hope to post more pictures of where mine is up to although I probably do not have the right number of stripes. It does fool the eye when painting and I wonder how other drivers feel when racing against it. I have always loved this car as it is the spirit of Brooklands for me.
My Uncle had a Riley "march" special when i was a boy and driving around in the back of this car was something special so to drive the Straker that must have been a dream.

Unfortunately it has been too cold for me to dare the cellar just recently and i want to make copys of the drivers heads and bodies in shirt sleeves before i move forward. Nuvolare has one of my shells and his version will be something spectacular when he finishes it I look forward to seeing it.
Resurecting this from the crypt.

Some more work has been put into my Straker.

With my Amilcar in the fore ground.

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Hi Dave
all looking good, do you know we will be running there at Rockingham on the 19th Of January 2014
Finally finished one off with figures etc.
the other will be the pipe organ exhaust car.

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