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Street Mustang out

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The yellow / black scalextric Mustang is out. But maybe it should be 'A yellow / black Scalextric Mustang is out - not the one Scalextric described and we all expected though...

On all the advertisement pictures the Mustang is a 1969 (easily recognizable with different grill and the four lamps at the front). Strangely enough and without warning Scalextric has choosen to make the 1970 Mustang instead. Another issue is that the 'paint scheme' is a significantly different one from the one seen on pictures. Basically the only thing that the slotcar has in common with the pictures is that it is a black and yellow street mustang. It is surpirzing considering that none of these changes are needed because Scalextric has the right car model (1969) available AND the paint scheme that was advertised is hardly more difficult to make then the one they actually made.

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To echo diffs question - any pics? where did you hear or see about this?

You seem to be criticising scalextric's decision. It seems to me scalextric are giving more than they promised. It is very easy to do a new livery, but to hire a modeller/patern-maker to make detailing for a different car is an extra expense for them and an extra treat for us! Admittedly the 1:1 1969 car which has been used to illustrate this model does look great, so I hope the replacement looks as good, but the change sounds like a generous one
i agree too, muffin, although the corvette and mustang are perhaps 2 of scalextric's faster cars and the torino, whilst immense fun and a beautiful mover, is one of the slowest... shame they didnt do a lincoln or cadilac, the baddies seemed to drive stuff like that a lot.
the GT40 livery I most want is Ford France. Decalling a white car would be easy, but i would need the front bonnet vents from that new #59 one. Hope that becomes available as a spare, or scalex just release the france one anyway.
any1 got a pic of these scoops you are all talkin about?
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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