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i need to strip this back top a clean , bare , shell.

and after spending about 10 hours stripping a fully enamelled mk1 escort with cellulose thinners, a stanley blade and my heart in my mouth , i fancied doing this one the easy way! acetone free nail polish remover seems to keep coming up as the weapon of choice but after perusing ladies supplies in tescos whilst trying not to look like a 14 year old buying condoms for the first time , it seems to loosen the enamel ok but i was a little "miffed" to find that it seems to soften the plastic more than celly thinners did. any ideas or tips slotters?
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I use isoproplyn in a ultrasonic cleaner.

It stripped a scaley audi and carrera bmw in 45 minutes, with just a few minutes of using a tooth brush.

I have only come across 4 cars in over the past 4 years that this did not work on easilt, Ninco 1 Mustang (white), Ninco 1 Megane (white), Fly truck (white)

I resorted to sand blasting the mustang, I'm currently stripping the megane with a mix of the ultrasonic cleaner, electric tooth brush and bicarbonate of soda.

The truck was a total right off after trying to use hobby paint stripper, followed by brake fluid (ended up with a gooey mess)

If you want to ship me the car I'm happy to give it a go in my cleaner, the good ones are not cheap so its not a good investment unless your doing dozens of cars.

Any question please feel free to ask.



p.s. it has also very successfully stripped car's I've painted and sealled back to bare plastic, just takes a little longer, 1 1/2 hours ish
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Its difficult to remove it from "Some" ninco cars, not all.

I stripped a lambo in 30 minutes, the magenae has taken a couple of hours.

The ones I have found difficult are the Ninco 1 cars that are primarily white, I don't know what they use but its a total B***h to remove.

My method for the last one (and most successful so far)

Leave to soak in warm (NOT hot) isoproplyn
Ultrasonic for about 15 minutes
Use electric toothbrush with a small amount of sodiumbarcarbonate
When the tampo has been removed with a finger nail peel the paint in a few places.
Leave in isopropolyn for about 2 days with occasional ultrasonic.

eventually the paint bubbles up and then its back to the electric toothbrush in a container of isoproply and slowly remove the paint.

Please note that you should do this in a well ventilated area with face and eye protection as this stuff is nasty if you get it in your eyes or breath in too much!!!!!!!

the other method is a small sand blaster but this is mess, not cheap and just no fun.
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What have you put it in, Isoproplyn is clear, it goes foggy with the paint but that settles?
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