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i need to strip this back top a clean , bare , shell.

and after spending about 10 hours stripping a fully enamelled mk1 escort with cellulose thinners, a stanley blade and my heart in my mouth , i fancied doing this one the easy way! acetone free nail polish remover seems to keep coming up as the weapon of choice but after perusing ladies supplies in tescos whilst trying not to look like a 14 year old buying condoms for the first time , it seems to loosen the enamel ok but i was a little "miffed" to find that it seems to soften the plastic more than celly thinners did. any ideas or tips slotters?
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I found this YouTube video some time ago when searching for a way to strip paint off an old Scalextric pit building.

It actually works, If you leave it steeped in this stuff for 24 hours and follow the video instructions the paint will come off.

ps: The pit building in question was glued together (rather messily) when I bought it on eBay, this stuff softened the glue as well, enabling me to strip it off and glue it back together perfectly.
Here's proof 'DETTOL' can remove unwanted paint from your model racing cars without damaging the body.

I got this Scalextric Formula Junior in a 'job lot' from eBay....look at the sorry state of it...
....firstly I removed the windscreen as I'm not sure if the Dettol would melt it.'s another view - I removed the tattered roundells which left 'stubborn' glue stuck to the shell

....all you have to do is drop it into an old jar with some 'DETTOL' in it.....

.....I had to tilt the jar in order to submerge it fully, because I'm running short of the stuff
.....btw, you can re-use it and re-use it...

....this is IMPORTANT: Leave it steeped for at least 24 hours, then when you take it out, you'll find most of the paint (and glue) will have come off and now looks like this......

....DON'T introduce water at this point - get an old toothbrush and scrub it until ALL the paint has been shifted,

ALWAYS wear a rubber glove when handling the car at this stage.....

......when you are satisfied all the paint has been removed you simply clean up with cold running water....

....after drying off, your model will look like this....
...'ll notice the paint has also been removed from the drivers shirt AND face, and his helmet is back to it's original colour.

....the underneath of the shell was filthy and 'oily' as you can well imagine....

....this is how it came up....

Like new.


PS: Dettol is used to rub into wounds and such to clean out germs.....NO WONDER IT NIPS?
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QUOTE (DB5 @ 14 May 2012, 03:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Amazing that looks great, nice tutorial as well.
Do you know if that works with getting tampos off also Slotcar ?

...I very much doubt it would but you could always give it a go.

There are similar cheaper products of disinfectant out there - don't waste your money - it MUST be Dettol...
They have a few different products under the brand name now-a-days. You are looking for the BROWN COLOURED one that turns a milky colour when mixed with water. Look for original "Dettol Antiseptic" and not one of the new multipurpose cleaners that they do

QUOTE (Coopdevil @ 14 May 2012, 16:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dettol - if you go straight from dettol to water, the old paint forms a sticky stretchable gunk which is a bugger to shift (which is why Billy says don't do it) but you can immediately drop the piece straight into another jam jar full of diluted washing-up liquid water for 10 minutes after which it can be easily rinsed under the tap.


...Thanks Coop, handy tip regarding the diluted washing-up liquid for those who do make the mistake of mixing water with the old paint.

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Ha ha...oops, sorry for laughing Pete, but Wraith asked you what have you put it in?, and Mr Modifier said it looked like Dettol??????, you're reply was... it 'was' Dettol?????......sorry but that ain't Dettol mate because there is NO WAY that stuff will pickle plastic even if you left it in there for a couple of months.....
Besides bud, whatever that 'dodgy' stuff is in your jar (it's probably some kinda paint stripper!!!) it looks nothing like the stuff in my jar, which is Dettol, look back and compare.

Sorry Pete...always read the label.


ps: If anyone is not sure what a Dettol bottle and it's contents look like, please pm me and I'll send you a pic.
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QUOTE (petestrike @ 22 May 2012, 20:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>never buy another car that needs stripping , or listen to old wives tales about what to use to strip them......

Pete? It's a shame you revert to negativity for whatever reason that might be.

I only replied to YOUR thread for the sole reason to help you out on what you had no idea of, I was only too happy to pass on some simple advice, in fact I went to a lot of effort in doing so and you end up ridiculing it by tagging it with the above comment, pretty poor and uncalled for tbh.

You say you'll NEVER buy another car that needs stripping. Well I say next time you make an error in what you buy don't come on this forum and ask for advice to sort it.

Damn poor show Mate.
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QUOTE (petestrike @ 19 Jun 2012, 20:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>it was the original "old fashioned" type. the stuff that smells like an old school nurse!! i wish i had taken some pictures of the shell but i was in too much of a hurry to clean the residue off and stabilise the plastic.

....we really can't wait, I suppose(?), would be something else to see those pictures?
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