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i need to strip this back top a clean , bare , shell.

and after spending about 10 hours stripping a fully enamelled mk1 escort with cellulose thinners, a stanley blade and my heart in my mouth , i fancied doing this one the easy way! acetone free nail polish remover seems to keep coming up as the weapon of choice but after perusing ladies supplies in tescos whilst trying not to look like a 14 year old buying condoms for the first time , it seems to loosen the enamel ok but i was a little "miffed" to find that it seems to soften the plastic more than celly thinners did. any ideas or tips slotters?
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Try methylated spirit.It's old fashioned but it works on tampo printing and some paints. That Datsun looks like it was painted with humbrol or airfix paint. Have you tried a thinner designed for those?
Wow Dettol !!!!

Who would have thought?

Top tip - I bought some today and will give it a go on the weekend.

It makes you wonder - how was that discovered? Did somebody retrieve a car from the loft covered in fungus or wrestle a much loved car from the jaws of a rabid Hyena?

Bet they were annoyed when they tried to disinfect the car and all the paint came off

Seriously - best tip I have come across in a while and definitely something to try on a couple of recent unsuccessful paint jobs

Now where are those rubber gloves......
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Methylated spirit has been known to work well on the tampo on Scalextric cars BUT it will also remove paint - or at least dull it. So use with caution and be prepared to have to polish the paint afterwards.

Gentle rubbing with a cotton bud can work well and offers a degree of control.

I did have one Scalextric car where the various tampo colours came off easily except the black which was stubborn to the point the paint came off before the tampo did!!!

Some tampo printing can be removed by scratching with a wooden cocktail stick. Polishing afterwards will be required in most cases.

No liability accepted for any of the advice offered.....
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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