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i need to strip this back top a clean , bare , shell.

and after spending about 10 hours stripping a fully enamelled mk1 escort with cellulose thinners, a stanley blade and my heart in my mouth , i fancied doing this one the easy way! acetone free nail polish remover seems to keep coming up as the weapon of choice but after perusing ladies supplies in tescos whilst trying not to look like a 14 year old buying condoms for the first time , it seems to loosen the enamel ok but i was a little "miffed" to find that it seems to soften the plastic more than celly thinners did. any ideas or tips slotters?
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no ideas guys? i have just cleaned rattle can acrylic off a properly knackered scrap mini using aerosol brake cleaner. it didnt seem to affect the plastic too much but still not sure about putting it on this zed shell.
looks like a trip to tescos again!! cheers for the ideas guys...and the offer wraith!
hope i've done the right thing?! it's in it's "brown bath" and looking like a freaky fish specimen from the natural history museum!

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QUOTE (Mr Modifier @ 21 May 2012, 21:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks like Dettol.

it was dettol. the emphasis is in "was"!! note to self , never buy another car that needs stripping , or listen to old wives tales about what to use to strip them. fortunately my curious nature led me to have a little peaky at the shell before i toddled off to bed last night. glad i did because it had started to pickle. while the enamel paint had started to soften so had the shell , it had also bleached. while i wasnt worried about the discolouration (i'm re-painting anyway) , i didnt fancy a gooey lump of plastic to try and work with. i washed the shell clean and fortunately it doesnt seem to have suffered too much , the surface seems to have hardened and the colour even came back , if a little blotchy in places. i think it'll be back to a very gentle rub with some cellulose thinners and wet wipes on this one , as i did with my last "clean off" job.
QUOTE (SL0TCAR @ 17 Jun 2012, 23:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Pete? It's a shame you revert to negativity for whatever reason that might be.

I only replied to YOUR thread for the sole reason to help you out on what you had no idea of, I was only too happy to pass on some simple advice, in fact I went to a lot of effort in doing so and you end up ridiculing it by tagging it with the above comment, pretty poor and uncalled for tbh.

You say you'll NEVER buy another car that needs stripping. Well I say next time you make an error in what you buy don't come on this forum and ask for advice to sort it.

Damn poor show Mate.

sorry that you seem to have taken umbridge at a throw away comment on my part. i was fully aware that the car i bought would need a degre of stripping and went into any subsequent method of removal ,wether suggested by yourself or anyone else , with my eyes open to the posiblity of some sort of failure! i meerly wished to pass on to others the fact that what method works on one car may not always work on another!! i would hate to be responsible for an individual wrecking a , potentially valuable , shell. i had better take the bottle marked "DETTOL" back to the chemist that i bought it from as clearly i have been scammed into buying some kind of "devil water". if i could be bothered to go out to the shed and take a picture of the bottle as proof of what i bought i would but......i cant!!!
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it was the original "old fashioned" type. the stuff that smells like an old school nurse!! i wish i had taken some pictures of the shell but i was in too much of a hurry to clean the residue off and stabilise the plastic.
QUOTE (SL0TCAR @ 19 Jun 2012, 22:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>....we really can't wait, I suppose(?), would be something else to see those pictures?

i assume that will be the royal "WE"? as i DID NOT (please note the text YOU highlighted) take any pictures , im not going to "re-dunk" to recreate the problem just so i can take pictures just to satisfy your , seemingly , morbid curiosity. neither am i going to get into a schoolyard slanging match on-line , which you seem to be haggling for , as you seem to disbelieve eveything i am saying! it would seem that dettol really does leave a nasty smell after all!!
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i've been off work with a buggered back and even sick of fed up of top gear repeats on dave , i bit the bullet and dug deep into the project box and had another go at stripping the "dreaded zed"!! i set to it with a scalpel and some very fine wet and dry. after finally getting all the old paint off , opening up the shut lines , removing all the nasty bit off the shell (badges , indicator repeaters , roof "nipple" etc etc) and repairing the spoiler i finally ended up with this.

it looked even better after an initial prime. its since had a light flat back & a second prime. time for top coat tomorrow. happy days.....barring the back!!!
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photo bucket is realy being an @rse tonight......!!
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QUOTE (Graymalkin33 @ 3 Nov 2012, 09:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks v good so far

cheers.... looking even better now though. this is straight out of the can. having to restrain myself from cutting and polishing it....cant wait to see it reeeealy shine!

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from this......

to this. rather pleased too.

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cheers kev. i am pretty chuffed with the end result.
QUOTE (Graymalkin33 @ 4 Nov 2012, 22:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It is a great job. Would you be brave enough to do some detailing like the wipers and window surrounds?

i certainly will.....sometime! i also would like to get some badge decals for the bonnet and c pillars too , if anyone knows where i can get some? i removed the moulded ones along with the wing repeaters and some other details that looked pretty poor "naked" , let alone painted. the wing badges did survive painting though and should detail up ok.

QUOTE (stoner @ 5 Nov 2012, 09:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>they do a stripper specifically for enamel and acrylic paint on plastic. i found it in a uk hobby shop. i,ll post details if anyones interested. john

i certainly would be john , especially after the grief i had with this one! would it work on a resin shell? i have just picked up a resin 2002 bmw thats unbuilt but painted that i want to strip and repaint (i'm a sucker for hard work!) but i have absolutely no experience working with resin shells.
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its been a while .. you know how other projects keep getting in the way... but i finally got around to stripping the bmw today. having looked at a few other threads on stripping resin shells , i was going to have a go with cellulose thinners but out of idle curiosity (and because it was handy) i first tested the acetone free nail polish remover that had been such a disaster on the 260z. i tried a small test inside and.....happy days....the paint came of quicker than an 18 year olds knickers in magaluf! it didnt seem to attack the resin at all but to be on the safe side i only did a small area at a time and then washed off with soapy water to neautralise it. another go tomorrow with some cotton buds to clear out the fine detail lines and it willl be ready for paint prep.
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