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i need to strip this back top a clean , bare , shell.

and after spending about 10 hours stripping a fully enamelled mk1 escort with cellulose thinners, a stanley blade and my heart in my mouth , i fancied doing this one the easy way! acetone free nail polish remover seems to keep coming up as the weapon of choice but after perusing ladies supplies in tescos whilst trying not to look like a 14 year old buying condoms for the first time , it seems to loosen the enamel ok but i was a little "miffed" to find that it seems to soften the plastic more than celly thinners did. any ideas or tips slotters?
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I've used Mr Muscle Oven cleaner very succesfully on lots of cars. It comes out of the can as a foam spray, I leave the body to soak in the foam for a hour or so and then do a similar process as detailed above in the excellent tutorial and then repeat if required. I used to use brake fluid but heard some horrible stories about it and then found out about Mr Muscle which I've never had any problems with. It seems to work best on cars that were handpainted with Humbrol enamels. One final thing, Mr Muscle will make you cough/choke if you don't wear a mask!


1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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