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Stuttering Analogue cars

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I have done a search on this forum and found that most of the topics about stuttering cars are regarding digital layouts. My layout is analogue Sport and certain cars seem to stutter in the same places.

The rails look perfect, the voltage is perfect and conductivity is spot on (tested with a meter). I have tried Inox MX3 and electrical contact cleaner on the rails with no change. I have changed the braids with little effect.

The only other thing I can think of is that the front wheels are lifting the braids from the track in certain places. Any other ideas?
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My ten cents worth of input!
I have two half straights of Sport track in my Classic layout( converter pieces required for the Scaley lapcounter),and experiencied stuttering problems only on this section.

What I discovered is that the braids on the cars sit too far apart to make contact with the slightly narrower and lower rail of the Sport track.I cure the problem every time by pushing each braid sideways closer to the guide blade .

I was totally baffled at first almost pulling out my hair.. trying contact cleaner,new braids, measuring for bad connectons etc.
I just could not understand it until I removed the track piece and looked between the rails and the braids of the car and saw the gremlin.

Hope this helps as stutttering can really drive one crazyl

Best regards
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Glad you sorted the problem
I am not a Sport track fan. Classic track rules!, better grip, better contact.Pity they don't make Classic anymore.
SCX classic track provides good grip but the rails are of a much thinner metal than Scaley and therefore bend and warp very easily.I suppose the way to go is Ninco. Will work out very expensive though as it will also mean having to replace the borders as Ninco track sections are not of the same dimensions

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