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Stylised 'set-up' Pics of your cars...

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I often 'play' with different backgrounds and effectsfor the pictures I take of cars, partly to stop them becoming a generic 'list' and partly for my own enjoyment..
Here are a couple to start the thread off....

A great Team Slot Offering.

Background is from 'National Geographic - The Photos'
Car was held off the track with a bent coat hanger and utilised the magnet and the slot.

Subservient Fly Versus BWA on a mission(ary? ).

I know which one won too !
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When I get a new car, I have allot of fun with the camera (and a little Photoshop).

Here's my 'braidless track' - which is actually a patio table outside:

Or I'll set up a little track in some gravel and add scenery:

Planning on having more fun soon.
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