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suitable paint for the track

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Can someone give me some advice as to what sort of paint to use on my routed mdf track (rally), I don't particularly want to use the 'sandtex' type as I prefer a smooth finish but I will be texturing the surface in certain locations with the addition of sand or similar to try and represent a change in grip (as you would find in the 1:1 version )
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All the wood tracks i have painted have used simple emulsion - either a matt or silk finish. Texture can be added by simply adding grit into the paint.

One thing i would recomend is to enure you paint both sides of the wood. If you only paint the top surface, over time the board will warp, especially MDF as this absorbs the paint more.

To make colours simply mix up some poster paints with your main paint.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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