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I've missed the last three weeks and so no reports - apologies. However, I can tell you that on each occasion the winner was Ben.

This week we ran our own cars again... and Ben was absent! Actually, almost everyone was absent. Summer holidays make attendance numbers a bit of a lottery and this week we mustered only four of us, so we whipped through all eight classes with indecent speed. With no marshals available, Jamie explained that we have to shout 'off!' and then everyone stops, the offending driver recovers their car and takes up marshalling duties after counting 3-2-1-go to restart the race.

Did we perform in such a way? No. Even Jamie, who managed to substitute 'off!' with '@rse!' on every occasion.

We started with Hornby BTCC and it was an Audi whitewash. The trio of A4s whistled around untroubled by my new Renault Laguna, which doesn't like turning left for some reason, or by my hitherto successful Vectra, which shed its front wheels and went to bed early.

Our trio of Le Mans classes began with 60s Era LM - or the NSR love-in as it's better known. Once again my Slot.It GT40 showed that Farnham is too bumpy and twisty to take the fight to the fat, mag-motored NSRs. The 60s Sport class was next for clamshell Scalextric cars, which slithered around slowly but entertainingly in a Mirage vs. Ferrari P4 battle. Finally it was Fly Classic, where I managed to watch Norm's identical Ferrari Coda Lunga more often than my own, with inevitable results, while Jamie's Porsche Carrera 6 covered itself in glory.

Carrera Muscle was as irritating as ever. Big, wobbly brakeless things circulated anticlockwise, while Graham's hitherto brilliant AC Cobra decided that it wanted to be a bit rubbish for the evening and left him wondering what to do about it.

Our relatively open Group 5 class was next, with Jamie and myself sporting Racer Sideways Capris and Norm and Graham keeping faith with Fly Lancia Montecarlos. On balance the Fly cars were the better bet: both the Sideways cars were allergic to our bumps and still need more weight - about 12-15g in total should do it.

Modern Touring Cars is for S2000 machinery by SCX, Fly and Scalextric - and Jamie's Proslot Alfa. My Fly Racing Alfa had the legs in this class but I managed to drop out of the lead in the first two heats, surrendering five points. The Proslot Alfa picked up my dropped points and the SCXs had their own race.

Finally it was the Scalextric Production class from Slot Rally GB. My Fiesta WRC was the only car prepped for SRGB competition and, as I've done a fair bit of running with it, I had a bit of an advantage - although I lost out to Graham's flying RS200 in the last heat. There followed some debate over what 'production' actually means - in SRGB regs you are permitted to change the tyres for NSR, the guide for Scalextric 'sprung' and the position of the front axle - before we retired for the night.

The results saw Graham take the laurels for the night, with Jamie and Norm close behind and me last with my worst score for more than a year. Lane cars next week...

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Hey dont be to disheartened, both your Group 5 and Scalextric rally cars have fantastic paint jobs and the group 5 Capri seem to be settling down towards the end of the race. And who was it who won a a trophy at the weekend........

A good night with some good close racing.

Club cars next week so that will sort out the true racers amongst us.

See you next week

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