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I don't know if you discussed this on the night Steve but will you be issuing any results / championship tables / techy stuff from the first round (and future ones for that matter)?

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Yes, results and race report to follow. Tom's car (real one) in pieces and Mrs A away dealing with in laws, dementia and the other with a broken hip, couldn't make it up. Will get round to it ASAP.
And its the WI meeting tonight!
Steve A

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You have my sympathies, Steve. I've ben through some of that myself and it is seldomly easy. All things considered, I'd prefer to be fixing the broken car :)

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New LHS coolant outlet manifold plastic thingy fitted to the Mokka engine, and tested.
One out of the three fixed, other two could prove bit more tricky.
Race report to follow.

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Race Report Slot It Group C Week 1
8 Racers for week one Slot it Group C, all with their own cars so the modified Hornby Group C cars stayed in Parc Ferme.
Good mix with two 956 Porsches, three 962 Porsches, two Lancia LC2 s and a well used but smooth and silent Mazda 787B. Three Jaguar XJR 9s did go before the scrutineers but elected to stay in the pit box come race time. No one yet running the Nissan 89C I'm delighted to say all cars passed scrutineering and so no cars were crushed.
As can be seen below, home track advantage still playing a part for now, but everyone's lap times were significantly down on the previous meeting. Fastest lap was recorded for each heat in Group C, but Tom quickly realised that we should record everyone's quickest laps to see how things improve as the track becomes more familiar. this was done for DTM and hope to do in future.
With 8 racers, the Slotmaster was set to randomly select the grid for each race mode 3, but we quickly realised this was a bit farcical, with two distinct groups of racers for each heat. the group racing against Tom ( Phil, Tug and Paul) in their heats were probably only ever racing for second place, as he was on fire. if we ignore the 200 laps on each lane the night before to clean the track, he hasn't raced since February! Strangely enough I wasn't one of the group with Tom in , racing instead in each heat against Tim, Johno and Lee in the other distinct group. It won't happen again is all I can say (and anyway Tom isn't here for the next heats). I now know to use mode 1, but have found out how to preview the heats prior to racing to ensure they are properly "random".

Points for each race First (6), Second (4). Third (3) and fourth (2). with bonus point for fastest lap in each heat.

Light Rectangle Green Azure Font

Tim, with the super smooth Mazda, had a very good outing with three second places and a win, a fairer rotation may have seen an even bigger haul of points. Tug was first time ever on the track and will no doubt get further dialled in in future weeks, Phil was nearly a second quicker than the last meeting and Mr consistent, but most importantly of all, Johno kicked his old man's Butt (by a massive 2 points). Whether he can come back from this total humiliation in future weeks remains to be seen, but there were mutterings about the car being the issue. we'll see.

So that was it for the championship races, but we had made good time, so Tom suggested some finals. With Home track advantage clearly still playing its part, He and I sat this one out. B final was bottom 4, with lowest to have first choice of lane , First and second to move up to the A final, again top qualifiers to chose last. this is opposite to many club finals formats, but was done to promote closer racing and worked well.
B final results were;
1st Johno Red 9.021s
2nd Phil Green 9.030s
3rd Lee Blue 9.056s
4th Paul white 9.871s

Fastest laps all down to 9s with top three very close, unplanned interfaces with the scenery deciding the places.
so Johno and Phil; moved up to the A final. With Phil choosing Blue lane Johno elected to stay on Red which proved a good call as he was tuned into that lane from previous race. Tug went with Green leaving Tim on White (usually the fastest lane?).

A final results
1st Johno 8.415s
2nd Tug 8.365s
3rd Tim 8.746s
4th Phil

Lap times for A final showed huge improvement from early heats, so seems that the track is giving up some of it's secrets already.
DTM results to follow shortly


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Race Report DTM Week 1
Tom took over recording duties, so more lap time data available for DTM.
Car selection was almost all Carrera, Tug had been preparing a SCX Astra but the wheels came to premature end in a bath of acetone. only exception was Tom's Scalextric Vauxhall Vectra inspired no doubt by Clarkson's love of this model. so rest of the field consisted of 2 Mercedes, 2 Audi A4s, 2 Audi A5s and Johno's BMW M4.
At this point we still hadn't figured out how to randomise the grids, so for this one Phil, Lee, Tug and Tim raced each other. While Paul got stuck with Johno, Tom and me. Benefit of this rotation is that Lee was able to avoid further humiliation being beaten by Johno.
After the smooth handling Group C cars, the heavy DTMs proved a bit more .. err. challenging. Keeping the car on the track proving to be the way to win races rather that outright lap times. repairs made earlier that day to the Armco at the end of the Mulsanne straight proved pointless as the barrier was trashed on a number of occasions. ( track improvements are planned here very soon).
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Theme of the night appeared to be, throwing it all away on the last corner, whilst leading by a country mile. With notable contributions by Johno, Phil and Tug. Clearly it isn't all over until the fat lady sings ( whatever that means! ).
Results as follows;

Rectangle Product Font Line Screenshot

Phil opened with two wins in Heats 1 and 3 then binned it on the very last corner in race 5 whilst leading, (have we mentioned that already Phil, sorry mate), chasing pack were sufficiently close that he ended up fourth. Or was that down to the standard of marshalling? Combined with 3 fastest laps scored an impressive 20 points.
Tim improved from a Fourth, third and then 2 wins to score 17 Points
Tug , who hadn't seen the track until race night scored 15 points
leaving Lee and Johno, equal on 12.
Paul still learning the track on 8.

Rectangle Font Screenshot Line Parallel

Of course we couldn't leave things like that, Johno was itching to deal out further humiliation to the old man.

this time 3 finals, A,B and C following similar format with reverse qualifying, lowest ranking getting first lane choice, odd but it works.

C final
1st Lee 9.785s
2nd Tug 9.578s
3rd Johno 9.641s
4th Paul 10.518s

B Final

1st Phil 9.346s
2nd Tug 9,366s
3rd Tim 9.627s
4th Lee 9.517s

A Final

1st Tom 8.843s
2nd Steve 8.757s
3rd Phil 9.009s
4th Tug 9.348s

Again, improvement in lap times over the night is clear. The unfavoured outside Green lane provided some race wins so lane choice isn't too much of an issue, with wins on all four lanes during the night. Johno, of course, should have dished out more grief to the old man, but in keeping with the theme of the evening, threw it all away on the last lap.

Thanks to all that attended, hope you had good night. Next race 24th May, but happy to open track up for free practice if there is any interest.


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'Fat lady sings'... the WI are not gonna be happy about this Steve...

Apart from that another cracking evening's entertainment although I am not sure exactly which father / son combo saw the father be handed the hiding the most...!

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Speaking to Tim at our club on Thursday night, I get the feeling you all may have had a slight experience of why we call him "Timmy Tourettes"! 馃き

Great to see the enthusiasm building in Dorset. (y)

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I get the feeling you all may have had a slight experience of why we call him "Timmy Tourettes"!

Nice to know Tim felt he could relax in the company present.
After 40 years at sea, if he outswears me there must be an award due to him. I have only received 3 formal complants, and they can go .......
I understand the police have now completed thier investigations and have indicated no further action will be taken on this occasion.
He is a free man.

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Quote, "although I am not sure exactly which father / son combo saw the father be handed the hiding the most."

I'm used to it, so didn't see it as worthy of note. But in the interest of fair reporting,
Tom kicked my butt in a big way, it was made worse in DTM because my fastest laps were actually quicker than his, so blaming the car just doesn't work
Next time?

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Oh, Tims outbursts aren't the sweary kind of tourettes. More the sudden, unexpectedly loud type. We were treated to one of the high level variety on Thursday night which included a sort of demented Irish jig from one leg to the other along with the vocal outburst.

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Alan (gongoozler) and Simon's Group C Slot It Porsches now dialed in and both running 8.4s laps after today's practice session. Looks good for some competitive racing on Tuesday 馃槑.
Just hope Johno can pull his finger out and beat the old man. 馃.
Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire Wheel

Toying with the idea of running the Jaguar XJR 9. 馃
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