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Well, another action packed and quite frankly exhausting evening of slot racing intensity... thoroughly enjoyable as ever, takes about 2 hours to calm down afterwards!

Thanks to all and see you next time.

Now, if you will excuse me I must go back to adapting the guide on my red Scaley GT40 to all the better handle Steve's Carrera track...

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Group C (race 3 of 9)
Haven't got arround to doing all the numbers but in summary,
Very hot in the kennels last night, so was going to be interesting to see how lap times were affected.
I have been away, so track has seen little use since last meeting, 3 weeks ago. Despite cleaning up through practice and races it was the "green" track that dominated, so just one new fastest lap during the evening. Race 5 saw Tug post a 8.561s in blue, beating the existing 8.813s (had been strangely significantly slower than the other lanes). Unfortunately for him Johno came back in race with a 8.519s to keep him off the role of honour board. But the stand out issue of the night was that, with few exceptions, there was poor correlation between those setting fastest laps and race wins. With driving stds improving it was often a single off that changed a win to third or fourth place, no presure on the marshalls then.
To name and shame.....
Tug - 2 fastest laps and 3 race wins, dialed in nicely.
Johno - finally turning quick laps into results (some of the time!), two race wins, 2nd and 4th. With three fastest laps
Phil - Mr consistency again, two wins 2nd and a 3rd, fastest lap heat 4.
Steve - win, three seconds and 2 fastest laps, too many offs for the Shell 962.
Lee - 2 2nds and 2 3rds , lap times consistently under 9s in every race.
Alan - fast lap times ( best of 8.547s) but failed to get the finishes 2nd/4th/4th/3rd
Simon - 4th/3rd/4th/3rd but knocking on the door of 9s laps and getting quicker.
Paul - still learning the track 4/4/3/4 but most imoroved driver of the night, times falling from 11.083s in race one to 10.331s by race 8, one to watch?

So it ends,
Lee 23
Johno 21
Phil 20
Steve 20
Lee 14
Alan 11
Simon 10
Paul 9

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Race 3 DTM Results

All Carrera grid with exception of Tug' fast but tricky Scaley Astra.
Again fastest lap, didnt always tie up with race wins. (Simon had fastest lap in heat3 but finished 3rd), so one again it was racecraft that won the points, not outright pace. Hence Phil's strong showing again.
Steve - normal service resumed, with home track advantage and the AMG merc going well.1/2/1/1.
Johno - stayed on the track this week, sometimes 4/1/3/1 馃
Phil - 4/1/2/1 (disaster in green otherwise 馃槑)
Alan - recovered his mojo from group C, 2/1/4/2 and a fastest lap heat 4
Tug - consistantly battling at front in each race with some great wheel to wheel action, but the Astra is cleary tricky braking at the end of the main straight a d that cost some big results.
Lee - 2/3/3/3 the " odd one out", has all the racecraft but still needs to find couple of tenths, is it the Mercedes?
Simon - the BMW was flying, sometimes literally. Quick times but still needs consistency 3/4/3/3
(Harsh?, maybe)
Paul as with Group C, 11.790s in heat 1, down to 10.271s by heat 7. Huge improvement.

Driver of the Day, when he stayed on the track ..............Johno, good points haul in both classes.

Steve 26
Johno 18
Phil 18
Alan 17
Tug 16
Lee 13
Simon 12
Paul 8
Nb total points spreadsheets attached, but ignore laptimes, not updated as yet


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Race 4 Slot it Group C
Another good night with no less than three new faces. Welcome to Steve D, Mike and James.

10 races, so will try to keep it brief
Race 1, me, Tug Johno and Simon, so no easy start. Fortunately for me,Tug in racing in green and Johno joining Simon in quick laps but a few excursions into the scenery. My XJR 9 was running with the "Spats" on and seemed to be OK. With bit of selotape holding them in position.
Race 2 and a sign of what was to come. Comfortable win for Lee against Johno, Alan and newbie Mike.
Race 3 went to Tug, from Phil, Lee and newcomer James.
Race 4 started well with close wheel to wheel racing for first 5 laps from Johno, Phil and my XJR 9.
Off at the Michelin turn for the Jag and "T bone" shunt, left it undrivable. Had to stop to remove the spats. Win for Johno from Phil and first outing for Steve D in red lane posting an impressive sub 10s, @ 9.672 and third place in his first race at the "Viking West" track.
Race 5 and the time sheet shows another win for Blue lane, this time for Lee. Good to see wins also in Red and white as well as fastest laps in all 4 lanes.
Race 6 good win from Mr consistency, again in blue, despite Alan's Porsche in red being 3 tenths quicker.
Race 7 wasn't recorded, but filling in the gaps must have been a win for the Jag ahead of Tug's 962.
Race 8 went to Johno, with the fast but until now crash happy, Simon, gaining a good second place by staying on.
Race 9 and yet another win for Lee's Mizuno 962 this time in red lane, this is getting boring Lee.
Race 10 and we see Mr consistency up against Tug in a hotly contested battle. By lap 4 Tug had the advantange, but never by quite enough for Phil to concede the win and settle for a safe second. It went the full 15 laps and kept us all guessing right to the end. Alan had a "mare" in Green lane, coming an uncharacteristic comfortable last place, following newcommer Steve D over the line. (But it would be unkind to mention that).

So as can be seen below, the glory and 23 points went to Lee, having always been in the mix evey week, now the Mizuno 962 is delivering properly, a winner on the night. This would subsequently prove to be his undoing in a very competative A final, landed with a choice of green lane, or green lane. After a very close finish, the final was Steve, Tug, and Johno ahead of Lee.
With 7 rounds from 9 to count, still wide open for the inaugral championship.

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Week 4 - Support Race DTM
request from Simon to run the lovely Powerslot Nissan 350Z. Given it's boxer engine and separate motor. pod I think it would have an unfair advantage over the Carrera/Scalextric/SCX DTM cars so not eligible.

But the interest did come from different slot companies competing together. The established Carrera cars have been going well, but Steve D arrived with a red Scalextric Astra, I ran my blue and yellow one and Tug dragged the Green and yellow one out for the finals. They were up against Simon and Johno's BMWs, Lee's AMG mercedes and an ever growing Audi contingent lead by Alan and Phil's very impressive RS5s, and Mike, Tug and James driving the A4s.
The Scalextric cars were undoubtedly quick, but in the rough and tumble of touring cars, always came off worse when swapping paint with the heavier Carrera cars.
Alan's impressive Castrol livery RS5 once again went really well with a win and three second places and two fastest laps, but had the misfortune of being drawn against Lee in two of his races. Just as in the Main race, now that his AMG is going well Lee posted 4 straight wins to take 24 points.Once again the reward was Green lane and last place in the A final, cheers 馃槦. It was Alan's Audi that took the Final after a good fight from the Astras driven by Tug and myself. What to drive next time?
Also worthy of mention was a fastest lap in heat 6 by newcomer James driving a loan A4, up against the class leading Audi RS5 boys, it didnt lead to a a win but cant be long before it does given a debut like that.

But "Driver of tbe Day" can only go one way this week, to Lee for clear wins in both categories. Will he keep it going next time?
will there be changes in the cars used?
Will Tug go Astra, or A4?
Will Phil avoid the 1:32 scale knee high dust in the pit lane?
Will the Audi boys, bully the Astras off the track, will the Astras have the good sense to keep thier distance,? do race control care?
You will have to tune in, or be there to find out.

Race 5 of 9 will be Tuesday 5th July.

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Good to meet last night Mike,
Great to have new members along and going under the magic 10s laps first time out is very promising. Hope you enjoyed it, good mix of experienced racers and some new to racing currently so ideal time to join us. Next race Tuesday 5th July, but we will have an open practice session next week if you are free.
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