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Much as I am dreading the onset of drizzle, Christmas and The X-Factor, the summer was officially declared over tonight with a thumping turn-out of 11 contenders brandishing their race boxes. One or two recent absentees did not have a skin colour that G-Plan would be proud of, so we can only assume that they were hidden away throughout the summer, fettling their equipment to be ready for September.

The strong turn-out meant lots of racing and lots of marshalling. It took 20 minutes to get through each class and so there was no way that we were going to batter our way through all eight categories... indeed, we managed six.

Hornby BTCC was a pleasure, with everyone pretty equally matched and the honours about even among the Audi A4s and Renault Lagunas. If paint was traded a touch too vigorously, our lone BMW was usually there to scoop the rewards for Paul and Chris.

1960s Le Mans was once again all about the NSRs, with the phalanx of Ford Mk.IVs finally being challenged on a regular basis by something else... my NSR GT40. Paul and Chris kept the faith with Scalextric GT40s and this paid dividends whenever the NSRs took a liking to the scenery.

Old skool Scalextric clamshell cars followed. Award for most rubbish car of the night went to me once again. Jamie and Ben vied for the honour of best in class. Ben edged it in their head-to-head battle.

Fly Classic brought with it some odd moments. Not least when I managed to fall off at the first corner without noticing, taking Ben with me, and spent the next few laps diligently working my controller whilst watching the other Ferrari Coda Lunga that was circulating. This was not Ben's best class, as he was also nerfed spectacularly out of a very entertaining duel with Alec. Don't worry, though, regular readers... 'Michael Loeb-macher's' score was barely dented.

It was the Carrera Muscle class next. Golly, isn't that fun? It's like watching The Krankies in slot form. Graham's cheeky little AC Cobra recovered some of its early-career dominance against the QE2-proportioned Plymouths and Dodges but Norm's Fire Engine Mustang also gave a good account of itself. Fan-dabi-dozi.

And finally there was much licking of fingers and rubbing of tyres for the great Group 5 showdown. There is now a clear formula in this class: Racer Sideways cars have the legs but not the directional stability. In my own car's case, the direction known as 'forwards' is quite a big ask. By comparison, well-honed Fly cars make up for their lack of grunt by negotiating the corners in a seamless manner. All of this is by the bye, however, when Ben unleashes his MRRC Toyota which combines grunt with admirable sure-footedness.

After all of these shenanigans it was once again Ben who topped out in the points. Jamie beat Alec to the runner's-up spot in a tiebreak. Everyone else didn't win to a greater or lesser extent. The chairman came last but he also had the best tan, so he can be excused.
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