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SCHORC Super F1 Round 3 race report

Last wednesday evening saw the gathering of the SCHORC faithful for some competitive name calling along with Round 3 of the new Super F1 championship complete with the support race - Micro-scalextric saloon car class. 9 members arrived ready for battle. It was good to see John 'Iron Man' Chell make the journey again this month fresh from his participation in a 24hr endurance mountain bike race the weekend before. Other SCHORC members were seen to wince at the thought of doing anything for 24hrs that wasn't slot car racing or sleeping.

Club supremo Tony 'The Godfather' Stacey had set out another fast track with 4 long straights to allow the cars to really pick up speed, the track was not as straightforward to drive as it looked though as the exit to a couple of the straights were quite tight which saw several cars barrel rolling or sliding on their roof as drivers attempted to get the power on too soon.

Micro Scalextric Qualifying

First up was the Micro-Scalextric saloon cars. This class features standard micro scalextric saloons and all drivers use the same cars on the same lane. It has been very popular since it's introduction and always produces close racing.

As the heats began it became clear that the usual much favoured red lane was not popular and it seemed to be the car that was the issue, but as all drivers faced the same challenge it was left the same and it became a test of who could manage the car better in that lane, Al 'Tigger' Wood claiming the highest score in red during qualifying.

The top 4 qualifiers were very close with Paul 'Bin it or Win it' Rose beating Al to pole by 0.9 of a lap with Jim 0.3 behind with Tony in 4th by only 0.4

The next 5 were similarly tightly bunched covered by less than 3 laps between them.

Micro Scalextric C final

Due to the deterioration of the red car during the heats the chassis was swapped out before the finals began. Dave with pick of the lanes took white and John gambled on the red lane hoping it would be better and give him a chance of progressing, Nick took blue over yellow. 'Nitro' Nick got a flying start and took the lead with the others hot on his heels. 'Dangerous' Dave gradually closed the gap and passed Nick after a few laps. Nick didn't let him get away and a race long battle ensued with both racers very close on track. As the race progressed Nick crashed at the final hairpin and gave Dave a little breathing space. Nick chased him down to within 2 tenths but Dave drove well to take the win. Although the red car was better it was still a little off the pace and John did well to keep with half a lap of the others.

Micro Scalextric B final

Next up was Lee in the favoured white lane, Tony in blue, 'Marvellous' Mark in yellow and Dave in the hop up red lane. This produced the closest final as Lee and Tony ran neck and neck for several laps, Lee managing to get a break away in the middle of the race only for Tony to chase him down again. In the end 'The Godfather' had got the gap down to just one tenth of a lap, however Lee declared he was 'just easing back!' Dave drove well in the unfavoured red lane and managed the best score in red so far for the night to beat Mark to third. Mark put in some very quick laps but too many offs cost him in the end.

Micro Scalextric A final

The A final featured Paul in the favoured white lane with Al in blue, Jim in yellow and Lee hopped up to red. Sadly (for all except Paul) this final was not as close as those before it as Paul drove an excellent race to take the win and set the highest lap count for the evening. Al and Jim were close few a few laps but Al pulled ahead to finish a comfortable second. Jim finished third ahead of Lee who had retired after struggling in red.

Another win for Paul along with the fastest lap sees him lengthen his lead in the championship.

Super F1 Qualifying

Next up was the main event Super F1. Most of the field were now sporting an EAHORC specification Mega-G (except for the tyre height), Tony and John also using a Super G+ and SRT respectively. Mark the only driver not to run a Mega-G at all sticking with his Super G+

Qualifying was again close and to begin with fast and furious with plenty of crashes and new fastest laps being set as the drivers got used to the change in pace. Jim took pole from Al, with Paul joining them in the A final. Mark had problems in qualifying with a bent guide pin that ruined his chances of a high placed finish and Dave's night was not going well with a lost guide pin along with a broken rear wing.

Super F1 C final

The C final saw John, Mark and Dave line up with 3 different chassis on show. John had switched back to his trusty silver SRT for the finals after struggling to get to grips with the Mega G in qualifying. The start of the race was very close with all 3 cars together for 5 or 6 laps. John started to pul away and after a marshalling mix up Dave decided it was going to be his night and retired leaving John to take the win with Mark in second.

Super F1 B final

The B final featured Tony with the pick of the lanes up against Lee, Nick and John fresh from his victory in the C. Tony drove a dominant race taking the win by 5 laps in the process setting the highest lap count of the evening and setting the fastest lap, behind him however things very close, the other 3 drivers battling hard for second place for the entire race. In the end John came through in the hop up lane to claim second with Lee just behind in third and Nick in close company just six tenths back.

Super F1 A final

Tony hopped up to the blue lane for the A final to line up alongside AL, Paul and Jim. The start of the race was close with Paul and Jim neck and neck out front but after 4 laps or so Jim had an off leaving him battling with Al while Paul escaped into the lead. About halfway through Jim had caught up with Paul and they remained side by side for nearly 10 laps with Al never far behind. Tony was pushing the limits of his lane with nothing to lose but too many offs left him trailing in 4th. Not for the first time Jim crumbled under the pressure and crashed and then went to pieces at the end attempting to catch Paul. Al drove a great second half of the race and overtook Jim right at the death. He was amazed to find himself in second behind Paul.

Thanks to all that attended another great nights racing at SCHORC.

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Nice report Jim. I think you may have got Lee and John's places transposed in the Super F1 B Final. I notice there is no graph for that final but I'm pretty sure I was chasing Lee throughout the race and I have a feeling John was catching me at the end.
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