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super nascar

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how do you make theese go uber fast. i want to use mine for racing (home)because it is unbreakable compared to the f1s i have been using i have so far broken 3 due to high speed crashes. i ahve got a slot it 29k motor comning will this be enough or is there more i can do?
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We have always had the most fun with the in-line NASCARs cars by running them totally stock. Totally stock the performance is very equal and it provides for very intense racing fun. It also always the newcomer to show up prepared to join in the fun immediately. The only improvement I wanted on these cars is a deeper guide.

When these were widely available it was easy for a novice to obtain one of these cars, but they are now getting rather hard to find so we have switched to Carrera vintage stock cars. These cars cost much less and are now providing us with most of our racing fun.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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