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super nascar

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how do you make theese go uber fast. i want to use mine for racing (home)because it is unbreakable compared to the f1s i have been using i have so far broken 3 due to high speed crashes. i ahve got a slot it 29k motor comning will this be enough or is there more i can do?
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were do i get the vac form interior from in uk? and as for said satan motor, thats running in a de magged lola (not yet tested) but wouldent an mmrc mag be better for it? seeing as tey are supposedly strounger? sounds to be a kick ass car once ligtened, but wats te poit of pulling te window glass, its an '02 scalex nascar te glass is uber ligt anyway. ope it does still retain its acelleration as tat was te best bit of te car

sorry about missing h but i am using an old laptp instead of good pc, te h key doesent work propperly you have to nearly it your finget tru te macine to get it to work

after reading my post some oter keys arnt working, so enjoy decriptin tis post

ill look forward to te arrival of slot it v12, ive gotta get te vac form coz te car weigs noting without te inteirior. ill let you all know how it goes, parts are due on fri/sat

about te lola its also getting a 8 toot pinion to matc te satanic motor sould have a v good pair of cars
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how much would they be? as for satan motored loal parts arrived today, witha 8 tooth pinion it was running only 4 sec slower on plastic track than an scaley indy with mag it ran a 15 sec lap on the massive track we had today so dats good sloght wheelhop when it hits full speed, but a small amout of weight will sort that
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what do u think of theese? it'll be easier to get theese then import from america thanx anyway
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i have ordered an MMRC mag rather than slot it, as the mmrc provides more gauss, the V12 has been fitted, the interior wont be done till i get back from my holiay, i go on friday, ab cant get interior for another 3 days
well im thinking about junking the std mag, putting in a proslot under the back axel and putting a scx "c"mag on top, i recon it would be better than mmrc
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