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super nascar

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how do you make theese go uber fast. i want to use mine for racing (home)because it is unbreakable compared to the f1s i have been using i have so far broken 3 due to high speed crashes. i ahve got a slot it 29k motor comning will this be enough or is there more i can do?
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Oooh! Good subject! On our track they run with Slot-it 25k motors, and the stock mag is replaced with the Slot-it #1 neo-mag. Great handling and power out of the turns. Don't forget the Indy-grips to complete the package. These cars run about 4.7 sec on the P.C.o.D. and stay on quite well with a bit of rear-end slide on a couple of turns at speed. Even the Professor was impressed with their handling. Very intense in side-by-side brawling.


PS: you could go overboard and fit the SC-07 "satan" motor but it's not for the meek!
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