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super nascar

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how do you make theese go uber fast. i want to use mine for racing (home)because it is unbreakable compared to the f1s i have been using i have so far broken 3 due to high speed crashes. i ahve got a slot it 29k motor comning will this be enough or is there more i can do?
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QUOTE (compound_goose @ 8 Aug 2004, 16:06)i have ordered an MMRC mag rather than slot it, as the mmrc provides more gauss, the V12 has been fitted, the interior wont be done till i get back from my holiay, i go on friday, ab cant get interior for another 3 days
Did you not think of going for a progessive magnet ? , alot quicker down the straights and strength on the bend when you need it.

I have converted a normal magnet to a progessive using a file - just as good - plus it was stronger than the progessive magnets on sale.
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