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Interesting discussion last night following first round of the "super" Rally class. We have long enjoyed varied and mixed entries for each class at Viking. This is one of the strengths of our club whereby we are not dominated by a single manufacturer or specific model. The Spirit 406 Silouette threatened this ethos a few years back, a tweek to the rules has ensured that grids for Circuit / touring class remain varied.
So to last night, the MSC Scooby is clearly in a league of it's own. for those of us without the ledgendary preparation and driving skills of the Fishy one, the only way to stay in the game is to buy a Scooby and uprate it with expensive goodies.
Other clubs have no doubt faced this issue and some will be happy to go with it. One suggestion is to ban the MSC Scooby, but this is not ideal, not least for those that have invested in one.
So finally we get to the point of my post, why not put a few additions to the track on Rally nights. Few bumps (Match sticks were used few years back at slot Rally) or Hump back bridge to define the rally element? This would self regulate what defines a rally car.
Stands back and waits for hail of abuse...........

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