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Hi, here's a 1/32 scale Lotus railcar. The car was built by G.K Jarvis; founder of Super Shells. The lotus is one of their first vacform bodies. It has a Triang mk 4 motor & eldi gearing. It apears in Roger Greenslade's book on page 28 (A History of Electric Model Roads and Racetracks).



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hi,i think they came out with at least 3 vac bodies..the drivers head is from the scalextric driver on the tinplate cars.there is some custom work on the vac body .this early vac body is rather thick .thanks,bernard

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Bernard thanks so much for posting all this wonderful vintage stuff, your collection is amazing!

Here's a link to my blog with an old Supershells ad showing the three shells offered:


I would just post the picture but Photobucket is so slow nowadays it's almost useless.



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... and front SMEC wheels. It's great that this unit has survived our days.

Does anyone have an idea of the origin of the rear wheels ?, Walshaw ?, handbuilt ?

and does anyone have an idea if this unit of car ran any race ?



Super Shells made early 3+2+4+3 vacuformed clear PVC bodies before its first hig impact Polystirene ( HIPS ) injection body, the Ferrari 156 GP ( MM Jan´62 ).

( MM April´60 ) : Lotus GP, Aston Martin GP., Cooper-Cimax GP.

( MM May´60 ) : BRM GP, Vanwall GP

( MM Jan´61 ) : Ferrari Sport, Aston Martin Sport, Lotus 15 Sport, Porsche spyder Sport

( MM Dec´61 ) : Porsche GP, Mini Cooper, Lotus Elite

MM means Model Maker magazine.

Then SS made the 11 well knowed injected models + trailer and later, after SRM buyed Super Shells/SRM maded another vacumformed bodies :

S61 Ford Escort

S62 Ford Galaxie

S63 Ford Mustang GT350

S64 Chevrolet Camaro

S65 Can am Mclaren M6A

S66 F1´68 Mclaren M7A Ford V8

S67 1/24 Mclaren F1
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