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Ready to be confused?

Due to past business deals the rights to the Scalextric name are held by Hornby for everywhere in the world except Spain. In Spain the right to the Scalextric name were held by Technitoys who sold their cars as Scalextric in Spain but as SCX everywhere else in the world. Technitoys sold out recently (can't remember the name of the business they sold out to) so the rights will have transferred to the buyer.

Hornby sell their cars as SuperSlot in Spain because they are prohibited from using the Scalextric brand.

I can't guarantee it but I would imagine the Superslot cars are identical to the Scalextric cars. This is why modern Scalextric cars do not carry the word "Scalextric" anywhere on the chassis - this allows them to use the same moulds for Spain thus saving the expense of making a mould for the Spanish market.

Hope that helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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