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Polistil 5° outer curvers are veeeeery hard to find in Italy too, since Polistil has ceased existing in 1991 (from what I read).
I found 4 last year and I believe I was very lucky.
I can't believe one can find enough for any practical use but to 'straight on' after a 180° parabolic curve, better if on a 2 lane track.
Anyhow, Polistil meant the inner lanes curve to be 60°, then 30° (2x), then 15° (4x) and then 5°(12x !!) for a possible 8 lanes track but it has always been a hassle to match the outer curves to the inner ones because of not perfect lenght and degrees.
Also, the 30° curves are a panic to find, not to mention the 15°.....
I would not reccomend to think about these pieces as a practical way to build a large radius curve.
Though, for a good mixed radii and lenght curves track, the mix of Polistil and Fleischmann track pieces is a winner! You can build (I actually did) a 4 lanes track with 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° curves very easily.

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