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Superb New Beardog/AB Pink Stamps Lotus 30/40 kit

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Beardog Racing and AB Slotsports has just released a superb 1/32nd scale resin kit of the John Markey / Paul Gresham Racing 'Pink Stamps' Lotus 30/40

Photos courtesy of Andy Brown-Searle

The resin kit is comprised of all resin, white metal, and plated parts for the body plus a two-sheet comprehensive decal set, while the chassis kit from AB provides a proven spring steel design with floating pan mounts and an ideal platform for the four offered motor options. Wheels are precision-machined from AB with tyres from Ortmann.

Full details can be found HERE.

With kind regards,

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A related aside. The Lotus 30/40, not unlike the Cheetah, must be one of the most modelled slot cars ever.

Some Lotus 30 and 40 models that I'm aware of: -

Carrera made a Lotus 30 in both 1:32nd and 1:24th scales.

Tamiya made both a 1:24th and 1:32nd scale Lotus 30.

Strombecker made both a 1:24th scale and 1:32nd scale Lotus 30.

Cox made a fantastic 1/24th scale rendition of the Lotus 30/40.

K&B also made a Lotus 30 slot car.

Stabo made a 1:24th scale Lotus 40.

Fleischmann made a 1:32nd scale Lotus 40.

Atlas made a 1:24th Lotus 30.

Hawk made a 1:32nd Lotus 30 kit.

Russkit made a 'Carrera Sidewinder Series 1/24th' scale slot car kit that came with a vacuum-formed body. The kit has a very nice display box with a photo of the finished car in Team Lotus colours sitting on a nicely detailed slot car track. The original retail price was $8.00!

Pactra, Revell, Rannalli, MDC and Eureka were among many manufacturers to make Lotus 30/40 vacuum-formed bodies.

I'm sure there were many others.

Kind regards,

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Great looking car Russell, thanks for posting.

When I did a compilation for the NSCC about 10 years ago, the Lotus 30/40 was the second most produced model in slot car history, after the Ford GT40. That's counting only 1/32 and 1/24 models, but I don't think anybody did a Lotus in HO anyway!

If I remember right, there were close to 30 different models of this car made, most in 1/24 because of its proportions.


PS: here's my list from long ago - some of the Japanese brands are not confirmed, and there have probably been more found in the meantime:

1/32: Super Shells, Strombecker, AMT, Fleischmann, Gakken, Tamiya, Tokyo Plamo
1/24: K&B, Atlas, Competition/Pactra, Auto Hobbies/Veco, Revell, MDC, Tamiya (30 + 40), Rannalli, Grand Prix/King F/D, Strombecker, Cox, Russkit, Fleischmann, Stabocar, Carrera, Midori, Gakken, Yamada, Shimiza, Unique, OK Kader (Hong Kong)
Hi Russel,

the Pink Stamps car is a really interesting version of the Lotus 30. The model appears to be very well executed. At the moment, I´d started working on a hillclimb version with a short, open tail like a Ferrari 312 PB. Pics of this car can be found on the Pink Stamps website. Today the car is in junkyard condition. Do you have any informations (livery, starting number) about this car? The Pink Stamps website tells us that at last it was raced by the famous (?) count (who?) Zanone in italian hillclimbs. Hmmm, hmmm.

Best regards
Hi Pit,

I saw that car on the Pink Stamps sight too, I can hardly wait, I'm sure with your level of craftmanship it will be superb!
We can only hope it's green with a yellow stripe like the remnants of the car seam to show, but the question is...did the stripe wrap around the front end? I searched the web too, and couldn't find any additional referrence material.

Hi Chris,

thank you for your efforts. Yes, the car is painted BRG with a yellow stripe. But as it seems impossible to research the livery exactely, I´m thinking over of creating a "free" livery for this car.

Best regards and congratulations to your wonderful Pink Stamps Lotus!
hello guys,

here is my small contribution to this post

See you soon!

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Thank's my friend of French Proxy!

I think I have put my post in the wrong topic.....may be posting this in the Scracth building section?
there was a Beardog Lotus 30 Pink Stamps kit sold on Ebay very recently

Beardog Racing resin slot car kit Lotus 30 | eBay

You could contact the seller and ask him if he will contact the buyer to see if he will scan the decal sheet for you.
I found this on the net. The decals look fairly simple and would be quite easy to print on decal paper on a home inkjet printer.
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