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Wandering about the web this afternoon (as you do) I started off researching a trip to the Daytona 500 and ended up here LINKY for no apparent reason.

There is some seriously good stuff here - check out the food section, General Equipment and Supplies and the "Dudez 'n' Babez" figures for starters. Why is it always the wrong scale? If only somebody would do this sort of thing in 1/32!

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Why oh why can't we get these in 1:32 scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some great figurines there
I have asked before apparently we 1:32 folk don't use enough to make it worthwhile

I couldn't resist, I have written to them to see if they would consider making some 1:32 figurines let's see if I get an answer....
well it has to be worth a try
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