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Allan Wakefield
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Best trick with older scalextric track is to build the circuit then seperate it at the finishing side of the power section. Drive a car slowly round the track looking for dead areas and then fix the joint either by using a screwdriver to bend the tabs back in or with silver foil in the joint. Eventually you will get all the way round.

I would use power taps every 2 to 3 metres with older track and invest in some decent adftermarket power supplies, preferably (wallet agreeing) one for each lane.

As for Scalextric Sport, have you read the leaflet and bent the connecting tabs down slightly before locating them? makes a big difference!

Power base:
Do the cars power up on it at all? try connecting it to the transformer and test each lane when it is not connected to the track. If this is Ok, connect it then see how far the cars get using the techniques above.

If it does not work and it is new - get an exchange from where you bought it but I think you will find it is all down to the connections round the track.

Good luck and post pics! we LOVE pics here
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