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First of all I'll introduce myself: I'm Steven, 29 years old and a former RC-racer. I quit RC-racing a couple of years ago when it became too difficult to combine with my job.
After a while I realised that I started missing the spannering and the racing spirit. All of that changed when a friend of mine took me to a local slot race track.

Yeah, there it was, everything I had been looking for: A new challenge!

Radical SR3

Driving home after a training session, on the route from The Netherlands to Belgium, my mate Tim De Pooter and I pulled over at a gas station.

Discussing the slot racing scene, we got into brainstorming about a one-make series, now THAT would be fun, wouldn't it?

This was the moment the Radical SR3 came to mind. A true one-make, open-topped race series, which has been run for years in the real world,

with high performance engines and chassis, but reasonably low-budget.

If only we could make a similar 1/32 scale setup work. Every racer with the same low-tech basic setup, not too fast, not too expensive,

but due to the possible lairy and colourful paint schemes a fun series to run…

The very next day I dived right in, drawing away on my computer, I quickly had a 3D model very similar to the Radical design.

The body was drawn to scale, quickly showing that we'd get a very short-wheelbased car, pretty much like those Radicals are in true scale. Small and nippy…

Not too much later we bit the bullet and had our design printed by Shapeways, which did a great job delivering the highly anticipated model.

The separate body, spoiler and chassis were treated by a lick of primer and paint by Tim De Pooter, having previous experience with 3D-printed models,

he was the guy-to-go-to for advice on how to handle and finish the new model.

The whole idea of this Radical slot kit was based around the mechanics of a Slot-It DTM White kit, as these are delivered with an inline motor mount and 18K short can motor,

with 15,8mm wheels all , correct width axles and a regular guide, all of which perfectly fits the Radical.

Though the motor is a little bit on the lazy side, given the low kurb weight of 3D-printed, it keeps things interesting and makes it a very competitive and challenging series to run.

After inspection, a couple of slight design modifications had to be made, such as adapting the chassis with body-float mounts to prevent the rear wheels catching.

Currently I'm in the process of designing the cockpit insert. When done, this will, together with the updated chassis and body,

all undergo rigorous testing and finalising to ensure every flaw has been addressed.

Eventually the full kit will be available to buy on Shapeways.




Second Project

The second project, and my true calling card as described by several people, is a prototype car in close cooperation with Tom Van Leekwyck.

The idea is to design and build an LMP2 car to run in the upcoming DiSCA 6-hours of Suzuka at SRC Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

This new and exciting project will be released along with the Radical.

Look below for a sneak peek:


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If you can keep the cost down, it sounds like a great idea for a race series!
I will be watching for more details on your LMP2 project as well.
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Both of them look like interesting projects.

the radical would be an excellent digital class...but the chassis is missing an important "feature": the hole for the IR Led ;-)

Jokes aside, if the body and the chassis will be below the 50 USD mark, this class might find its way to Aotearoa.

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Hello slot enthusiasts,

It's about time wa give you an update on the LMP2 project.

As some of you probably allready know what this car could be.

It's time to get the cover off, and reveil this project!


It's the fabolous ORECA03


Phase 1 - first test print

This project came to life when Steven and I had a little chat,

about how I wanted to enter a new and Belgian team in the upcoming 6hrs of Suzuka DiSCA event (SRC Eindhoven).

A few weeks later to my own surprise, I was handed the first print of this project.

And I must say I was very impressed of Steven's designing skills and result of this print.

This first print was designed to fit on a adjusted Slotit Lola Aston Martin chassis, to see how everthing would fit.

And we achieved the result we hoped for, it fits an inline boxer and short-can engine and a flat6 in anglewinder position.

But this chassis isn't our permanent choice, I will come back to this subject later on.

After a few good looks at this car, and the advice of a good friend Tamar

We decided that this project needed a bit more details, aswell as some minor cosmetic changes.

This meant that Steven got back to his drawingtable, and I had to start looking for some pictures of the livery.

This was the easy part for me, aswell as an easy choice.

The Oreca03 from "Boutsen Ginion Racing" that entered in the 2013 Le Mans edition in the P2 class.


When I was looking for some good pictures of the Boutsen Ginion Racing car, I came across some nice liveries aswell.

- TDS Racing "Thiriet"

- Murphy Prototypes "Gas Monkey"

- Signatech "Alpine"

Phase 2 - second print

A few weeks later, we ordered the second print with all the cosmetics done and hoped for the best!

This was also a test on what would be the best way to get these cars printed, vertical or horizontal.

We also added the head & taillights, fuel cap, driver's head support (or whatever it's called), etc ...





The car was looking more and more like the real Oreca03.

And what was just an idea a few weeks ago, really started to get shape.

The next step was to start thinking of the chassis.

Phase 3 - chassis design

This is probably the hardest part in designing a slotcar, in my personal opinion.

I gave Steven a few pointers that I prefered to be included in the chassis.

I can't tell much about the process of the chassis at this time, but we did get 1 chassis and motorpod printed.

And it would take more then 1 print aswell to get this all perfect, trial and error.

That's why we decided to put it aside for the moment.

As we are running short on time, and this would need to be tested, tested and tested!!!

And with only 11 weeks to go, we had no other choice, as I also need to build a DiSCA GT3 car for the saturday race of this event.

So we called in the help of a well known 3D chassis designer, Olifer.

Unfotunatly again, I can't tell anything about the development of the chassis at this time.

All will be revealed shortly.

This gave Steven more time to finalise the body of the Oreca03.

Phase 4 - Back to the body

We were pleased how the Oreca03 looked so far, but still it was missing some details.

And we needed to start thinking on what parts we would get printed separately.

We decided after a few hints, again from Tamar, to get the headlight, fuelcap and mirrors printed in HD (No idea what the correct title is for this process).

And Steven had another go on the front splitter, to get the it more looking like the real deal.

The body is being printed at this very moment, it could allready be on its way over here, no idea.

I can't show you any pictures of it now, but this render will do for now.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this, and got some people exited of this project aswell.

Kind Regards Tom

Ps: Here are a few shots of the first print (painted), taken at the DiSCA 6hrs of SPA (Rockingham).





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Looks super! You're doing a great project. Just one thing - the rear wings are pretty vulnerable on an LMP. It looks integral in your 3D print. Would'nt it be better as a separate part that could be replaced in case of breakages?


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Great story and lovely looking car, looking forward to further developments!

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I will be running with Gary for the Euroseries.

For the 6 hours I will be with Gary: he is still working on the team and car so we will see ;-)

To be honest with you, I will be also happy with just doing race control and let Tamar and the rest of the Best crew to enjoy the race.

by the way, i have seen in your galleries some pics of Porsche 911 (kodak and factory team).

I assume that they were scalex body, with 3d printed chassis, for the 24h brussels.

Are you planning on doing a post on the race and the car preparation?

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Finally, it's here!

After a couple of testprints and edits of the body and chassis it's finally ready for release!

The Oreca 03 is a Le Mans Prototype (LMP) designed by the French manufacturer Oreca. The car made its debut in 2011 during the 12 hours of Sebring. This slot body is made for an inline or anglewinder setup. The chassis meets the requirements of the LMP-2 and the LMP-1 DISCA regulations.

Order yours right now!


The chassis is designed in collaboration with Olifer.

Feel free and don't hesitate to ask any questions about it!

There will be a special topic for it in the Hobby traders showroom.

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