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Sweet NEW Fly GT40

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On SP Hobbies now

Here's a link to the pic:

Someone else more bold than I can lift it and place it here...

Unannounced and not made by Scaley before...sneaky buggers those Fly boys!
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First pic of the Mk2 I have seen, well excluding the B.McLaren edition - you couldn't see the car!

I like it, the first version has grown on me, initialy disappointed with the paintwork and overall finish. However, the shape whether right/wrong - I don't mind, as it's a slot car and it resembles a GT40 pretty well and anyway, purchased both types from Scalextric & Fly so the above argument is now a mute point *hoorah* or, a rather expensive cop out.

Yours (undecidely) Jamie.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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