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Swiss' 'win a car' Competition Results !

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Well a fair few suggestions to peruse

Original Post.

Finally, after some hectic schedules made the decision late in coming, here are the Results!

All the entries were fun to read even if some where hard to fathom - some of you guys need more help than us!

In reverse Order from 3rd to 1st..

In Third Place..

Stingrays entry QUOTE 'Cuckoo Racing'

In Second Place (a tie)..

SJSlots 2nd entry QUOTE Swiss Speed Raceway
KenRs under the wire entry QUOTE Slotwelt

and the Winner, complete with Logo to work on...

The first entry from KenR

Please Email me with your postal address mate.

Thanks to everyone who entered and apologies for making you all wait.

The final venue is still being negotiated and I will post details as they are finalised.
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Swiss, the logo needs heavy rework - or you want to advertise for the red cross?

Congrats for the name - you then just need a room ....
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But not too hard to change... KenR did point out the mercy aspect of the Logo

It is not certain we will use the name as is, but the idea is certainly great.

Thomas I will speak to you later regarding the location, we might have found you storage space too mate.
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...hey this sounds great!

If so, there will be an invitation race soon! MNaybe someone from slotforum will drop in?

About the logo - you'll get mail soon - I just had an idea....
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