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I guess it's not a bad idea to post some stuff about my track. It lives in a 24' x 12' shed. I've had it quite a few years now but I'm adding a Slotmaster race management system. I chose it because I'm familiar with it from club racing. Perhaps a bit overkil for home racing. While I'm at it I decided to rewire the track so that each section comes apart easily as we may be moving if ever life settles down after Covid and Brexit. I'm also taking the opportunity to remove a pair of parallel straights to improve the flow and reducing from 4 to 3 lanes to make room for scenery.

Some of you may have seen some of this stuff before, sorry about repeating my self.

Plant Property Sky Tree Land lot

Wood Flooring Floor Gas Technology

Table Wood Flooring Floor Grass

To make it easier to take the wiring apart I found some 4mm x 1m lengths of brass rod which I cut into short lengths and they fit perfectly into 15a connector strips. I later found you can buy them ready made on Ebay
. The other end of the wire is screwed into the braid where oin's folded under the track

Green Circuit component Passive circuit component Electrical wiring Electronic component

Fluid Electricity Electrical wiring Gas Plumbing

Cheers for now.



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