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I have a SCX zuk that came down with a broken rear hub after a nasty roll to the floor, just wondering if the pro wheels and axles are compatible with this car? And do I also need a new gear as well if I replace the axle?

Been lurking in the rally section for a long while-LOVE IT! We don't get much rally action in the states but its always been my fav. I have a handful of classic and JWRC cars that I've been running on my 1/43 track that is converted to one lane, until the routing project gets started this summer. Looking to build a nice"romp through the forest" type layout. I've just been sitting back looking at all your awsome layouts and doing my homework so to speak. I think my table space is going to lend itself to a good drive...

Anyway if anybody can answer my initial question that'd be great!

Thanks in advance,
Dan C.
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